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Limited Edition San Mai Rustic Cleaver

Limited Edition San Mai Rustic Cleaver

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Welcome to the Exclusive Limited Edition Rustic Cleaver, an improved version of the Rustic Cleaver we know and love!

This beautiful and agile cleaver is a hand-forged masterpieces, perfect for slicing any type of meat and vegetables with ease. This one-of-a-kind tool is meticulously hand forged with Japanese 3 Layer San Mai Steel, giving you a corrosion resistant core edge that is rated at 61 HRC on the Rockwell hardness scale.

The hand-forged shape creates an elegant, agile, and ruthlessly sharp culinary showpiece that fits comfortably in any chef’s hands. This unique pieces offer the perfect balance between hardness, flexibility, and toughness - not to mention it's stunning rustic appearances - making it essential for any aspiring or professional chef looking for a reliable cooking partner.

This is very limited edition, with only 300 pieces produced! So don’t miss out and grab the rustic cleaver of your dreams now - once they’re gone they’re GONE!

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