Damascus Knife Set

Unleash your inner chef with our one of our exquisite Damascus knife set, designed to elevate your cooking experience to new heights.​​ Crafted with precision and artistry, these knives are the perfect blend of form and function for every passionate cook.

The Essential Kitchen Companion: The Must-Have Damascus Knife Set for Every Chef!

1095 High carbon Damascus steel kitchen knives are the new gold standard for chef's knives. Damascus knives are used in renowned kitchens worldwide, and these blades are at the forefront of chef knife innovation for consistently delivering a precise and smooth cut.

The best thing about Damascus knives is that they are available to every type of cook. Whether getting knives for your new kitchen or upgrading an old set, choosing a Damascus set of knives can help you fall in love with cooking.

If you are looking for that perfect Damascus kitchen knife set, we have a few favorite options that will have your current knife set collecting dust in no time. But first, we want to highlight what makes Damascus such a prestigious and sought-after material for chef knives.

Damascus Steel Knife Sets Offer More for Less

Damascus steel performs significantly better than other materials when chopping, cutting, and slicing. This performance edge is due to the Damascus creation process, giving it a significant advantage over other materials.

Creating Damascus steel involves heating steel to an extreme 2,300°F, then applying pressure to combine two pieces into one. This steel is then repeatedly folded to craft the trademark multilayered Damascus pattern.

The best part is? This exceptional innovation is also affordable. For instance, the ONYX Essential Damascus Steel Knife Set and the ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set can be purchased for under four hundred dollars, making it economically viable to upgrade your chef knife set.

About the Knives In this Article

Are you a cooking enthusiast looking for an awesome Damascus knife? Well, it can be unexpectedly difficult to find the right knife. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and prices, making it a bit of a mission to find the perfect one for your kitchen needs.

But if you are a first-time shopper, do not worry; The Cooking Guild has you covered. Choose between the following three sets, and you will be happy with your purchase.

The Dynasty Knife Series

First up is the Dynasty Series Damascus knives, which are some of the most respected knives out there. People are impressed by their sleek design and smooth cutting skills. With options ranging from two to five knives in a set, the Dynasty series is the perfect option if you're looking for value, performance, and design.

The Bushcraft Knife Series

Next, we have the Bushcraft knife set. These might not have the super fancy blade design of the Dynasty series, but they do not fall short on performance.

Their two-piece essential set gives you a couple of top-class blades that can handle everything, from precise slicing to major meat chopping.

About Onyx

Last but not least is the Onyx Series of Damascus steel knives. Onyx is a professional chef's dream, and their three-piece kitchen knife set is ideal for making your cooking feel professional. The handle is pure class, made from polished Ebony wood, while the blade itself, a high-carbon Damascus steel, gracefully slides through meat, fish, and everything in between.

Master Your Culinary Skills With A Damascus Knife

If you want to grow your culinary skills and become the top chef among friends and family, you need a secret weapon - a Damascus knife set. And with the ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set, you have the perfect tool for any task.

No matter what recipe you are trying, the ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set gives you the confidence to take on any cut, be it a Julienne cut, dice, chiffonade, mince, chop, or anything else demanded.

A Single Knife To Rule 'em All

Does your current knife set have you moving back and forth from the cutting board to the knife block set to do the prep work? If so, it is time for an upgrade. With its high-quality materials, the ONYX 8" Chef Knife can handle any cut and simplify cooking.

Featuring a razor-sharp blade, light design, ergonomic handle and gorgeous craftsmanship, this knife is satisfying to hold and will make quick work of your cutting tasks. Consider it a Western take on the Japanese santoku knife.

Upgrade Your Cutting Skills

If your dicing and slicing have become more hacking and sawing, it is time to upgrade your knives and cooking skills. Harness the exceptional performance of an ONYX Hanta Damascus steel knife in your hand, and you will immediately transform your culinary experience.

With its lightweight and agile design, an ONYX Hanta Damascus steel knife offers an unmatched ability as a carving knife to slice through meat, fish, and tough root vegetables like butter.

Awaken Passion In Your Kitchen

Ready to take on the toughest cuts and thickest slabs of meat? With the ONYX Cleaver, you awaken a hidden passion for cooking. All it takes is one cut with the powerful blade to realize the potential you harness.

The Best Uses For Your Damascus Knife Set

The second you unwrap your new Damascus knife block set and set your eyes upon the gorgeous craftsmanship, we know you will be itching to get into the kitchen and test it out. Now, we are not ones to brag, but these blades are pretty amazing, and they can perform any kitchen task you throw their way.

Take our Onyx Series Essential Steel Knife Set as an example. This beloved set of ours beautifully balances power, flexibility, and adaptability, all tied up in a pair of wallet-friendly elegant full tang blades.

Knife Set Specifications

Just as the name suggests, our ONYX Series Essential Damascus Steel Knife Set is your new kitchen essential. Every culinary task, from chopping, filleting, dicing, or slicing, is effortlessly accomplished using these superbly crafted blades. With a fetching hammered finish, their high-carbon Damascus steel construction (1095 grade, to be precise) promises a reliable hardness of HRC 61.

The Hanta blade is neat but hardy, at 5.5 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 0.8 inches thick - it is your perfect partner for detailed, precise tasks. Meanwhile, the large 8-inch chef knife (1.8 inches wide and .8 inches thick) is beautifully suited for those more challenging jobs in your kitchen.

What You Get

When you order the ONYX Series Essential Damascus Steel Knife Set, you are not getting another pair of kitchen knives. Instead, you upgrade your cooking ability and give yourself a transformative kitchen experience.

This knife set represents more than a blade and a handle, it is about wielding the power of impeccable design and unrivaled work right at your fingertips.

The set contains two knives, the Hanta and the Chef knife, which provide the perfect mix of speed, power, versatility, and performance. Each blade is forged from 1095 high-carbon Damascus steel, known for its remarkable strength and longevity.

An Abundance Of Quality

Our ONYX Series Essential Damascus Steel Knife Set is synonymous with quality. We have relentlessly pursued excellence, which is why we've used top-grade Damascus steel to craft our knives. This commitment to quality assures sharpness and durability that you can always rely on.

But we did not stop at the blade. We were just as focused on creating a handle that is as unique and comfortable as it is efficient. The result? A unique full-tang handle crafted from polished Ebony wood, and elegantly finished with a seamless Mosaic pin. Now that is what we call professional-grade style and quality right in your kitchen.

A Beautiful Work of Art

The ONYX Series Essential Damascus Steel Knife Set features multiple beautiful knives and is a genuine work of art.

Each blade contains a distinct hammered finish on the 1095 high-carbon Damascus steel, which adds to the durability and gives the set its unique, artistic appeal.

Pleasant to the touch and captivating to the eye, the polished ebony handles feature a detailed mosaic pin - another testament to our commitment to creating a product that is as beautiful to look at as it is to use.

Making the ONYX series a part of your kitchen is not just about bringing home a knife. It is about investing in a kitchen showpiece that will wow visitors with its premium design and exceptional performance. And the best part is, each time you slice, dice, or chop, you do so with a tool that elegantly blends form and function.

Great Knife Sets from Japan For The Home Kitchen Cook

Where a knife is crafted plays a vital role in its design, material, and purpose. If you are looking for exceptional Japanese knives, the Dynasty Samurai and Hero sets are the perfect choice.

Crafted using ancient Japanese techniques that were previously used for Samurai swords, the Dynasty Series Samurai Knife Set is powerful, light, and ready for any task. The set contains a Japanese-style cleaver and chef knife that are both crafted with Damascus steel and a rosewood handle.

How Much Does A Real Damascus Knife Cost?

Traditionally, a real Damascus knife has been a handcrafted status symbol and is only available to the exceptionally wealthy. However, as the technique has become more widespread, the costs have been reduced.

Nowadays, authentic Damascus knives cost a few hundred dollars. A Paring knife is usually the cheapest of the knives however. 

What Makes Damascus Steel So Expensive?

Even though production has become more mainstream, Damascus steel remains more costly than regular stainless steel or carbon steel because of the labor-intensive process involved in its creation.

Remember that you are paying for a much more premium product, and a slightly higher upfront price can save heaps of money down the road.

Are Damascus Knives Good?

Damascus knives are some of the best knives on the market and are renowned for their exceptional cutting performance, durability, and unique beauty. Whether you have a Damascus chef knife, bread knife, or a collection of steak knives, you will notice the difference.

Are Damascus Blades Worth It?

We truly believe a high quality Damascus knife is worth the investment. Instead of purchasing a rudimentary blade, you invest in a performance-improving knife seeped in years of tradition and history. Instead of looking at your knife as a cutting tool, a Damascus blade will become your trusted ally in the kitchen.

Benefits Of Our Damascus Knife Set

If you view knife prep work as a chore, the Damascus Knife set can cause a paradigm shift. While you might think that is an outlandish statement, keep reading to see the long-lasting benefits.

A Complete Set

With a complete set, such as the ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set, you are equipping yourself with the same arsenal as top chefs globally, unlocking the ability to tackle any recipe from the comfort of your home.

The set includes three distinct and different knives:

Hanta Damascus Knife:

Length: 5.5 inch / 14 cm

Width: 2 inch / 5 cm

Thickness: 0.8 inch / 2 mm

Uses: For quick cuts and agile carving.

Serbian Damascus Cleaver:

Length: 8 inch / 20 cm

Width: 3.7 inch / 9.6 cm

Thickness: 0.8 inch / 2 cm

Uses: De-bone chicken and cut through thick meats quickly and comfortably.

Damascus Chef Knife:

Length: 8 inch / 20 cm

Width: 1.8 inch / 4.5 cm

Thickness: 0.8 inch / 2 cm

Uses: The all-around superstar.

The three-piece set is the creme de le creme from The Cooking Guild. Forged with premium high carbon Damascus steel and finished with a full tang polished Ebony wood handle and detailed mosaic pin, this set is gorgeous and incredible to use.

Easy To Clean

Our favorite part about the ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set is not its impressive cutting ability or its sleek design. We love it due to how easy it is to clean compared to other cutlery.

Taking care of the dishes is every chef's least favorite task, and any advantage is worth its weight in gold. The ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set is resistant to bacteria, and the non-porous material makes it very easy to hand wash.

Easy To Care For And Store

After using and cleaning an ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set, storage becomes the main question. Well, we are one step ahead of you.

When you purchase an ONYX Series Damascus Steel Knife Set, each knife comes paired with a sheath. Say goodbye to thick knife blocks and store your Damascus knife set wherever desired.

History Of Damascus Knives

Damascus Steel has been around for many centuries, and since its inception, it has wowed everyone who has wielded the material just like in a utility knife. 


In antiquity, the art of crafting Damascus steel first blossomed in the heart of Ancient South India, where their steelmaking prowess outshone all others. This exceptional technology soon found its way to the Middle East, where the steel gained legendary status, with its blades often shrouded in the secrecy of dynastic treasures. Today, the original Damascus steel-making technique remains shrouded in history's enigmatic mist. Yet, the allure of its mesmerizing textures lives on, thanks to modern forging techniques, processes, and materials that may differ from their Indian predecessors.

One realm where this legacy thrives is Japan, renowned for its mastery in forging Katana swords and Kitchen knives, including the coveted Sushi knives. Japan's expertise has enabled them to imbue Damascus blades with extraordinary sharpness and captivating beauty. We are delighted to introduce these remarkable Japanese-made Damascus knives, a testament to the enduring artistry and innovation within this ancient craft.

Mysterious History In India

The secrets of creating the Damascus knife sit in the misty annals of Southern India. Although some thought the origin of the Damascus steel blade dates back to the 1800s, the mysterious ‘wootz’ steel blade produced in regions around India and Sri Lanka has a much longer past.

When Did Damascus Steel Appear For The First Time?

Believe it or not, the artistry of Damascus steel took shape far earlier than the 18th century. Its origin traces back to the 'wootz' steel from the medieval era, steeped in deep history going even beyond that. Evidence of Iron processing in India, dating around 1000 BCE, has led experts to theorize that the sophisticated process of creating crucible steel may have started as early as 300 BCE and may have even been used by Alexander the Great.

Damascus Kitchen Knives Today

In our modern age, Damascus is used not primarily for combat but for cooking and cutlery. Its durable design and sharpness make it the perfect tool for any kitchen. But the most notable change over the year is the availability of Damascus knives like a paring knife, chef knive, fillet knife, utility knife, steak knives + more! 

Once commonly only used by royal families and elite nobles is now available for everyone and can be purchased and delivered to your home within 48 hours. Unfortunately, many tend to overlook the material for stainless steel, which cannot provide the same performance.