Rustic Hand Forged Serbian Cleaver

  • This is not just a knife - it’s a masterfully crafted tool that will make cooking so much more enjoyable.

    The ruthlessly sharp edge slices through anything with ease, and the 7mm thick spine gives you the heft you need to cut through those tougher meats.

    This unique and beautiful knife is hand-forged from one piece of 1095 high carbon steel. Once the blade is forged into shape, it is thrown back into the fire and then quenched with oil to achieve a blade hardness of 59-61. The blade is then heated once more, to add flexibility - then honed to a screamingly sharp blade edge.

    This hardness will make your knife last longer and hold its sharp cutting edge better than softer steel. All cooking professionals and experienced home chefs look for kitchen knives with a hardness rating of at least 55 or above.

    This stunning hand-forged Serbian Cleaver strikes the perfect balance between hardness, flexibility, and toughness - making it the ultimate tool that will make you enjoy cooking so much more!

    Knife Specification

    Material: 1095 high carbon steel, forged in fire


    Rosewood handle, full tang

    The whole blade is forged from one piece 7mm thick high carbon steel

    What to expect, Unboxing of the Rustic Serbian knife with its composite leather sheath. Sheath sold separately.


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