The Best Knives To Gift To A Foodie

The Best Knives To Gift To A Foodie

We can bet you several hundred dollars that the food person in your life goes on and on about the importance of knife work in cooking. The cutting, the weight of the blade, and the importance of technique have constantly become the mantras you hear about during visits.

It’s time to put that foodie’s money where their mouth is and give them a blade worthy of the time they called themselves an Iron Chef in the making. 

Best for Everything

For the foodie who is the master of all knife techniques, a solid all-around blade can give them the precision necessary for mincing garlic and the power to slice through potatoes. That’s why the Dynasty Series Chef Knife is our choice. This lightweight, steel beauty gets top billing as our best all-around knife, and it’s easy to see why. 

Forged with the ideals of Japanese knife-making, the Dynasty Series knife comes with a rust-resistant hammered finish, a high-carbon edge, and a high-quality handle. Knifemakers achieve the craftsmanship of this knife through the san mai technique of a steel core sandwiched with softer steel. The result? A gorgeous knife with endless utility.

Best for Filleting

There’s something about handcrafted steel that makes a knife stand out among the pack. Well, for those who love a fish dinner, the geniuses at Bushcraft have a phenomenal fillet knife that’ll slice through even the thickest fish skin. The Bushcraft Fillet Knife is flexible, affordable, and edged to perfection. With an eye on craftsmanship, this stand-out knife is ready for action.

Not only are you getting a quality blade, but you’re also getting one at a price of less than $100 in some cases. Built for long-term use with a budget in mind, Bushcraft’s fillet knife turns heads and won’t hurt your wallet in the process.

Best for Butchering

For a knife that looks like it just stepped out of an episode of History Channel’s Forged in Fire, the Rustic Hand Forged Serbian Cleaver is a jaw-dropping blade. With a rosewood handle and heavy carbon steel engineering, your favorite foodie will indeed have plenty to say about this knife.

Looks aside, this knife also backs up its looks with quality. With just the right amount of weight, precision, and power, this offering makes quick work of chicken, beef, pork, or anything else you can throw at it. 

Best for Small Work

Sometimes, you need a smaller knife to make the minor work easier. That’s where the Hand-Forged Petty Knife comes into the equation. Measuring 5 inches, this blade is perfect for easily peeling pesky pears and annihilating apples. Consider this blade the foodie’s new little friend in the kitchen.


With the number of choices on this list, your favorite foodie will receive the knife that can help them with their cooking dreams – whether it’s feeding a family, sharpening their knifing skills, or just general usage. One of these blades will do the trick for the knife that’ll stand out in any mise en place. 

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