10 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

10 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Summer is in full swing, and with America’s favorite holiday just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share ten ways to celebrate the Fourth of July. Family, friends, and food are the foundation of any great Independence Day party. This year, leave an impression with one of our engaging activities or delicious freedom-themed dishes.

1. Make an American Flag Cake

No birthday party is complete without cake, and sheet cakes are easy to make and customize. Simply bake your favorite recipe and cover it with white frosting. Decorate with red and white berries to resemble the stars and stripes of the American Flag. This looks great as a centerpiece.

2. Mix Some Firework Punch

Punch is always refreshing on a hot day. To make some just for the Fourth of July, mix lemon-lime soda and your favorite red or blue Kool-Aid. Chill with red, white, and blue popsicles.

3. Host a Cookout Competition

Try extending the party beyond your backyard. The privilege of forming meaningful relationships with our fellow Americans is a reason to celebrate. Try hosting a cooking competition on your block and competing for bragging rights with your neighbors. Best burger skips the carpool.

4. Serve Some Classic Apple Pie

Apple pie has a long history beginning in Europe, just like America. It’s no wonder it holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. The Fourth of July is the perfect time to pull out your grandma’s best recipe. Ideally served with ice cream

5. Make Vanilla Ice Cream

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day is held on July 23rd, but what would America’s birthday party be without it? We don’t mind celebrating it early if you don’t. Ice cream is easy to make. A few simple ingredients are all you need, and fresh, homemade ice cream is sure to please.

6. Hold an Eating Contest

If cooking contests aren’t your thing, try holding an eating contest instead. Find out which of your family members can eat the hottest wings or who can finish a bowl of ice cream the fastest.

7. Toast S’mores

S’mores around a campfire are a staple in every American childhood. You can never go wrong with the traditional chocolate and marshmallow combination, but these aren’t your only options. Try adding peanut butter and your guests are sure to come back for s’more.

8. Hold a Candy Count

A Candy Count is especially easy because all you need is a clear container and the candy of your choice, but preferably red, white, and blue. Count out a random number and fill the container. Have everyone guess how many pieces of candy are in the container, and the person with the closest guess keeps the candy.

9. Raffle a Gift Basket

If you’re hosting a party for a particularly large group, consider raffling off a gift basket. If you can’t afford the supplies on your own, it’s worth it to ask your guests to chip in before the event. Include summer-friendly items like s’more sticks, charcoal, and grill tongs. Donate the earnings to a charity for our honored veterans.

10. Enjoy an All-American Pastime

Baseball is sure to please your patriotic crowd, but on special occasions, be sure to add some flair to your game. Instead of pitching a ball, try pitching water balloons, apples, or oranges. You’re guaranteed a few laughs and some great pictures.

There are endless ways to spend The Fourth of July, but as long as you spend it with the people you love, you can’t go wrong. So fire up your grill and enjoy your holiday.
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