Basic Guide for Seasoning Your Christmas Chicken

Basic Guide for Seasoning Your Christmas Chicken

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us, which means it is soon time to think about your Christmas meal. A popular dish to serve on Christmas is baked chicken. We’re all tired of turkey when Christmas rolls around, so why not serve a delicious, plump, and juicy Christmas chicken instead?

We want your Christmas chicken to knock the socks off of your guests this year, so here is a guide on how to season the perfect-tasting chicken this holiday season. 

Marinate Your Chicken for at Least Three Days

The most important step in seasoning your Christmas chicken is to marinate it for at least three days before service. Use a pre-made marinate from the store, or create your own marinade using ingredients like vinegar, olive oil, wine, and lemons. Fresh garlic and onions are also a great addition to your marinade and will help add more flavor to your chicken. 

Use Fresh Ingredients

If you want your chicken to taste fresh and flavorful, always use fresh ingredients when seasoning your Christmas chicken. Fresh spices such as thyme, rosemary, garlic, and sage are all great flavors that complement poultry well. Lemon zest and a lime squeeze will also help add a fresh, zesty flavor. 

Measure Your Ingredients Carefully

An important thing to remember when seasoning your Christmas chicken is always carefully measuring your ingredients. You don’t want any of the flavors to get lost in the seasoning or for the chicken to taste too salty, so be sure to measure each spice before adding it to the seasoning mixture. 

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