Can You Put CG Knives In the Dishwasher?

Can You Put CG Knives In the Dishwasher?

High-quality knives need only the best care when cleaning in between uses. Properly cleaning and maintaining your Cooking Guild knife collection will extend its shelf life so that you get the most out of your investment in your culinary equipment.

In short, Cooking Guild knives should not be placed in the dishwasher because it will lead to fast rusting between the handle and the blade, which will lessen its quality over time the more you utilise this cleaning method.

Now let’s take a deep dive into how to properly clean and care for your CG knives.

Why Steel Suffers in the Dishwasher

Stainless steel, high carbon steel, or San Mei Japanese steel makes Cooking Guild knives high-quality. While stainless steel is technically dishwasher safe, your cutlery can wear down over time as you continually use the dishwasher to clean them.

Dishwasher detergents are potent and abrasive to the point that they can wear down the quality steel knives in your culinary cutlery collection. Even though stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, continuous exposure to trapped water between the handle and blade or using a too harsh cleaning solution will slowly wear down the knives.

How To Properly Wash Cooking Guild Knives

To properly wash your Cooking Guild cutlery, follow these steps to extend their lifespan and elongate your return on investment.

Step 1: Wash With Mild Soap

Use hot water and mild dish soap to wash your stainless steel cutlery. Dawn is a great example of a mild dish soap brand. Do not use harsh dish detergents as this could make the cleaning experience just as bad as dishwashing.

Step 2: Rinse

Do not air dry the knives because doing so can trap water between the handle and blade, causing corrosion and rust. Once you wash them, rinse with water to remove the soapy residue.

Step 3: Dry

Hold your knives downward for safe drying and to let the water from the rinsing step drip off. Use a soft, dry rag to remove the water from your stainless steel knives. Make sure that they are completely dry before storing them away for future use.

Alternative Cleaning Solutions for Stainless Steel Knives

If you want a more natural approach to cleaning your stainless steel knives, ditch the mild soap and try other alternative cleaning solutions. Lemon, vinegar, soda water, cider, or olive oil are great alternative cleaning solutions for removing built-up food and other stains from stainless steel knives. Vinegar and cider are mildly acidic to work off

Since lemon is acidic, you may be wondering why it is safe to use it to clean your stainless steel knives. The Cooking Guild knives have an anti-corrosive feature that allows you to use lemon to get rid of heat stains on your knives without compromising their quality.

Final Thoughts

Can you put Cooking Guild knives in the dishwasher? The short answer is no. Especially if you forget to remove them from the dishwasher right after a cycle, it can start the corroding and rusting process faster as the water sits on them for longer. Carefully hand wash your knives as directed above and dry them immediately.

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