Finesse Your Summer Grilling

Finesse Your Summer Grilling

Nothing screams summer like grilling. Grilling on a summer afternoon is a staple for many people who love food, the outdoors, and the summer sun. However, it can be challenging to know how you can finesse your summer grilling methods to boost your meats, foods, and process.

Although there is a ton of information on the best methods for boosting and enhancing your summer grilling methods, the following tips for grilling will bring your summer up a whole new notch.

Walk into this summer knowing how to boost your grill game and give your family and friends the best afternoon summer possible.

Use The Right Charcoal

Many charcoal lumps and briquettes that you can use in your grill give your food extra flavor and zest. Some of these varieties are ideal for barbequed food, Thai spices, and other specific flavors. You may also want to use types of lump and briquettes to achieve certain flavors in your food.

Additionally, woodblocks, planks, and bricks can have the same purpose. Oak, cherry and maple wood can give meats different flavors and infuse your food with specific tastes.

Let Meat Achieve Room Temperature

If you try to cook frozen meat, you can get a perfect outer layer while the inside of your burgers, steaks, and pork chops may be solid and frozen. Always let your meats achieve room temperature and flexibility before grilling them.

Grills aren’t just for meat-eaters. Beyond Burgers and other meat alternatives on a grill can achieve the same meat-like meal. Meat-free varieties will also need to be at room temperature to cook properly.

Invest in a food thermometer to make sure you are getting room temperatures for your meat.

Preheat Your Grill For 15 Minutes

If you place your meats and veggies on the grill before it has had enough time to heat up, it may not evenly cook your food throughout. Some of your food items may be unevenly charred, raw in some places, and take longer to cook.

Instead, let your grill preheat for 15 minutes and build up your flame so that your food gets both direct and indirect heat.

Let Your Meat Rest For Five Minutes

When you finish cooking your meats and veggies, you may be excited to dig in. However, your food will be hot and pose a danger to your mouth. Additionally, not letting your meat rest will not give it enough time for the juices to flow throughout the product. It will also be tougher to chew.

Allow your meat to rest for five minutes to enhance the flavor and texture of your food.

Routinely Clean Your Grill

Your grill is like any other kitchen utensil and appliance, and you need to clean it regularly. Use a grill brush and grill-safe chemicals to clean your grill at least once every week if used often.

If you do not use your grill often, clean it after every use to prevent bacteria and pests from making your appliance a home.

Wrap Up

Summer grilling can be challenging if you aren’t sure how to boost your grill game, but knowing what to do can make all the difference on sunny summer afternoons. Whether you choose a briquette that adds flavor or a simple variety, you can still achieve your peak grilling dream this summer.

Remember to clean your grill routinely, pick out the best briquettes for your meats, let your foods warm up to room temperature, and let meats rest after cooking. By following these tips for enhancing your summer grilling, you may enjoy your summer much more than expected.

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