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Here’s Why the Best Christmas Gift Is a Knife Set

A knife set is truly the ultimate gift for a friend or loved one. Barbecue and home-cooking aficionados alike can make use of a lovely, hand-forged knife set as a treasured kitchen tool for many years. From smaller chef’s knives to massive meat cleavers, we have a variety of beautiful options for the loved one who you want to honor with something special this year. 

Our top 5 picks for gifting this year

1.Master Blacksmith's bundle. This bundle is specially created for those  knife enthusiasts in your family. Compiles the best of the best of our handforged range and bushcraft cooking knives into this value packed beast of a gift. Contains sheaths for all knives, this really is an amazing gpresent for the person you truly care about. 


2. Dynasty series. This is our latest series to be released on the Cooking Guild line up. Masterfully crafted kitchen set to please all home cooks and professional chefs. Extremly sharp due to its design. Japanese San Mai steel. Thus stunning knife set will be a smile on anyones face. 


3. Bushcraft fillet knife . This knife has caused quite the stir online. We have had nothing but good reviews for this beautiful knife. All those people can not be wrong right? If you love to trim briskets & meats or fillet fish this is the knife you need. 


4. Hand forged Series. Our lowest priced knife set. But by no means lesser quality. This set is forged using 1095 high carbon steel. Known for its extreme sharpness and edge durability. This set will stand the test of time no worries at all. 


5. Ultimate Bushcraft bundle. To finish our top picks we hve chosen the fan favourite. Thi particular knife set has shown to be a regular choice for over 2 years. With the recent upgrade of the fillet knife. This became the utimate all round set for all types of cooks. BBQ enthusiats, wilderness chef's and home cooks alike. 



Delicious cooking

Among the best gifts for men are a quality knife set for the grill. Whether he’s slicing veggies and onions or carving up intricate pieces of meat for the carnivores, a knife set will make him feel primal, powerful, and capable of handling the meals for family and friends. 

Barbecue is a classic tradition in the American South and elsewhere for its mouthwatering cuts and smoky flavor. No one driven to spend 15-20 hours tending to a grill is satisfied with a subpar knife set for tender, juicy meat. 

The Hand Forged Complete Set presents three carbon steel blades with the perfect blend of strength, durability, and elegance. Or, for a more rustic aura, try the Bushcraft Bundle and let him get in touch with his inner survivalist. For the special person in your life who deserves both, we also combine the two collections into one magnificent package in the Master Blacksmith’s Bundle

Do you know someone who feeds their dog on a raw diet? Much of that preparation involves meats and seafood that needs to be quartered and chopped. A knife set makes the perfect gift for that pooch and their owner to make feeding time a breeze. Try the Bushcraft Fillet Knife to get those perfect, intricate cuts in no time. 

Beautiful designs  

An elegant and sleek knife is a marvel in the hand of a chef. Smoothness and flexibility aid in precision when prepping food. The wooden handle grip is made for skillful use for deft movements, and all of our knives are perfectly weighted for ultimate ease. 

A knife with quality and style deserves to be properly taken care of. Our bladed offerings have paired sheaths to preserve their craftsmanship and durability at the highest level. Black composite leather material provides a safe haven for your knives, and it also comes with a free mini whetstone. 

Bonus: with a sheath, you no longer need to worry about reaching in a drawer and encountering a sharp blade. Stay accident-free! Protect your blades as well as your hands and fingers. Your knife will also stay sharper for longer. 


Timeless quality and style 

You may have heard that giving a sharp tool or weapon as a gift is symbolic of severing the relationship. Traditions from Greece, China, and European countries all offer some variation on this idea. But in the modern era, humans have let go of this superstition, seeing the value and beauty of knives instead. 

However, if you tend towards caution in your gift-giving, simply attach a coin to the knife, which the receiver then hands back to you as a token of symbolic “payment.” Voila - the curse is no more! 

When you view a contemporary knife, think of it as the pinnacle of modern engineering. Not only does the blade act as an excellent tool for food prep usage, but also, each set is a marvel of artistic inspiration and blacksmithing talent. 

Not sure which knife set is right to give? A gift card lets the recipient choose the set that best complements their own style and cuisine. You can’t go wrong with this gift, sure to make anyone grateful to have you in their life. 

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