Introducing Our Limited Release Nomad Series

Introducing Our Limited Release Nomad Series

Wander through any kitchen and you'll find yourself drawn to the Nomad Series. With its beautiful mountain range blade edge and mountain burl wood fusion handle, these knives are like a piece of the great outdoors brought right into your home. The Nomad is perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants to bring a little bit of that beauty into their everyday life. 

Hand-forged in fire with German 1.4116 stainless steel, the blades are engraved with a design to look like a mountain range. And just like those majestic peaks, the Nomad Knife series is strong, stable, and perfectly balanced. Representing where water meets earth, the handles are made from a fusion of mountain burl wood and deep sea blue epoxy resin and finished with the Nomad Series logo. Feel as the air enters the slipstream as the knives glide along the chopping board, making slicing and dicing a breeze. 

These breathtaking knives are inspired by what we love and do best here at The Cooking Guild: the great outdoors. Unlike any collection we’ve created, the Nomad series holds a very special place in our heart -- and we know it will in yours, too.

Limited to only 250 pieces, this knife set is sure to make a statement in any kitchen and would be the perfect gift for any professional or home cook. 

  • Germany 1.4116 stainless steel mountain range blade edge
  • Mountain burl wood fusion deep sea blue epoxy resin handle
  • Finished with Nomad Series Logo

What’s In The Nomad Collection? 

Nomad Series Cleaver 

The Nomad Series Cleaver is precision engineered with a corrosion and rust resistant German 1.4116 stainless steel blade, making it ruthlessly sharp and able to take on even the toughest root vegetables. The weighted and balanced design makes heavy chopping a breeze, while the fine cutting edge provides exceptional sharpness for mincing, dicing, and slicing a variety of other foods. 

Making light work of any task requires, so go ahead and take on whatever nature throws your way in the kitchen with the Nomad Series Cleaver.

Knife Specifications: 
Handle length: 125mm
Blade length: 204mm
Blade width: 78.5mm
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Total length: 333mm

Nomad Series Chef Knife

Our best-selling knife of all collections, the Nomad Series Chef Knife takes everything you’ know and love about the TCG Chef’s Knife and makes it even better. Designed for performance, this knife is the perfect all rounder with an unrivaled edge-retention that will make quick work of slicing, dicing and disjointing everything. Perfect for home cooks, enthusiasts and professional chefs, the Chef Knife is an absolute essential for any kitchen and one you’ll be using for years.

Knife Specifications:
Handle length: 125mm
Blade length: 203mm
Blade width: 50mm
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Total length: 330mm

Nomad Series Fillet Knife 

Bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen with the Nomad Series Fillet Knife. The sleek shape of the knife allows for a firm and comfortable grip of the mountain burl wood and deep sea blue epoxy resin handle while you easily follow the contour of a chicken, fish or steak. The long blade has superior corrosion and rust resistance while it’s 17.8cm blade length means you can precision-filet even the trickiest skeletons.

Knife Specifications:
Handle length: 125mm
Blade length: 178mm
Blade width: 34.6mm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total length: 323mm

Nomad Series Long Slicing Knife

The Nomad Series Slicer is the perfect accessory for the adventurous culinary enthusiast. The 30.4cm long, narrow blade is razor sharp and designed to encourage long, sweeping strokes making it perfect for slicing through large cuts of meat with ease. Whether you're an experienced chef or a casual cook, this knife is a valuable addition to your essential kitchen collection.

Knife Specifications:
Handle length: 125mm
Blade length: 304mm
Blade width: 40.7mm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total length: 432mm

Nomad Series Petty Knife

The Nomad Series Petty Knife is a kitchen staple that is compact, multi-purpose and razor-sharp. Ideal for peeling, slicing, dicing and shaping, its curved blade edge is forged using German 1.4116 stainless steel making it corrosion and rust resistant. This knife is an absolute must-have for any kitchen arsenal and will be one of the very best knives you could invest in.

Knife Specifications:
Handle length: 110mm
Blade length: 127mm
Blade width: 34mm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total length: 239mm

Nomad Series Sharpening Rod

A must-have tool for every kitchen, the Nomad Series Honing Rod is forged with high carbon steel and coated with Chrome. Designed to be comfortable when held in your hand with its ergonomic handle, the 24.5cm rod is ideal for sharpening a range of knives while giving you the ability to maintain a razor sharp cutting edge on your knives.

Rod Specifications:
Rod Material: 65-67HRC high carbon steel coated with Chrome
Rod Length: 254mm
Rod diameter: 13mm
Handle: 124mm
Total Length: 378mm

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