Meet our CEO, Curtis!

Meet our CEO, Curtis!

Ever wondered who the mastermind behind The Cooking Guild is? We sat down with founder and CEO Curtis Wright, to get to know him and the company a bit better! He spilled some behind the scenes details on your favourite knives and even hinted at some exciting projects coming soon!

  • First off, what is your name & where are you from?

Curtis Wright. I grew up in a small city called Norwich, located in the east of England.

  • When did you start The Cooking Guild?

The art of knife making is something I’ve been researching and learning about since I was a young boy. But it was not until August 2019 that everything fell into place at just the right moment. This was around the time my family was navigating the devastating loss of my sister to cancer. Initially it destroyed us, but ultimately we grew back stronger. Watching how strong a person can be, even right towards the end gave me a burning desire to change the direction of my own life. I invested a small amount of money left to me by my sister and started The Cooking Guild. Right from the start, this company was built on love and the passion to be the best we can be. Nothing less. 

  • Why knives? What made you choose to start a company in this industry? 

I’ve always found the trade fascinating. Something about turning a basic block of iron into a stunning masterpiece is just mind blowing to me. The drive to have my own business, the passion I had for knife making and my love of cooking is why I chose knives. The feeling of preparing an amazing meal for your family is addictive!

  • How does The Cooking Guild compare to its competitors?

We do not compromise on quality in any aspect of our business. Only the best reliably sourced materials are used. We have exceptional, high-quality control over production and offer a free lifetime guarantee on our knives. 

  • How would you describe your company's success so far?

When I look back at how far this company has come in such a short span of time it's hard to comprehend! It’s been a rollercoaster. But the highs for sure outweigh the lows. Through the pandemic we were able to supply a lot of families with recipe ebooks and the tools to cook up a storm!  

  • Anything exciting in the works you can share with your subscribers?

We have some very exciting times ahead! Our MenWithThePot collab is getting its next instalment before Christmas! Also, we are launching our biggest knife series yet! A 5-piece set with a matching sharpening rod. We are also planning a VIP knife service for YOU, our email subscribers! These knives will be high quality and limited edition. We will forge only a very small amount for our most loyal fans. Keep an eye out!


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