Smoked Nashville Hot Wings

Smoked Nashville Hot Wings

Looking for a way to spice up your chicken wing game? Look no further than these Smoked Nashville Hot Wings by @thekettleloft! The perfect combination of smoky, savory, and spicy, these wings are sure to be a hit with any crowd. Coated in a fiery spice blend and smoked to perfection, these wings pack a punch of flavor that will leave you reaching for more. Whether you're hosting a game day party or just looking for a tasty appetizer, these Smoked Nashville Hot Wings are the perfect addition to any menu. So fire up the smoker, your Dynasty Cleaver, grab some napkins, and get ready for a wing experience like no other!


  • 1kg of chicken 
  • Nashville Hot Chicken rub from @spiceology
  • Fresh parsley 
  • Blue cheese 
  • Blue cheese dressing 


  1. Fire up the grill to at least 400 degrees
  2. Separate the drums from the flats
  3. Season them up on all sides with some Nashville Hot Chicken rub from @spiceology
  4. Throw them on until they hit 190 degrees internal
  5. Chop some fresh parsley and garnish the wings with parsley and blue cheese crumbles
  6. Dip in some blue cheese dressing and enjoy!
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