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Step By Step Guide For Carving The Perfect Turkey

Turkey carving dad jokes aside, is a very important skill that all dads should know how to do. If you're the family turkey carver or if you've been tasked with the job this year, read on for tips on how to carve the perfect turkey.

First, let's start with the tools you'll need. We recommend using our Dynasty Series 12” Slicer to make cutting through your turkey a breeze. A serrated bread knife will also come in handy for slicing through the tougher skin. Make sure all of your knives are sharpened before you start carving. A dull knife will not only make the job more difficult, but it can also be dangerous. Trust us, you don't want to be known as the dad who carved his finger off while carving the turkey.

Now that you have your tools, it's time to get started. Here's a step-by-step guide to carving the perfect turkey:

1. Start by removing the legs. Place the turkey on its back on a cutting board. Use your Slicer to slice through the skin between the leg and body of the turkey. Then, bend the leg back until it pops out of the socket. Using your knife, sever the joint connecting the thigh and drumstick. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Next, remove the wings. Again, place the turkey on its back on a cutting board. Use your carving knife to slice through the skin between the wing and body of the turkey. Gently pull forward on the wing until it pops out of its socket then sever the joint connecting the wing and body. Repeat with the other wing!

3. Now it's time to remove the breast meat. This is where things can get a little tricky so pay close attention! Place your fork in the cavity of where you removed The legs and hold steady while using your carving knife to slice along the breastbone making long even cuts until you have two whole strips of breast meat free from bone and skin then set them aside on a serving platter or cutting board.

4. To remove dark meat from thighs and drumsticks use your carving knife to make long sawing motions through meat being careful not to cut into bone.

5. Finally carve breast meat into thin slices making sure each slice has some of that delicious crispy skin

6. Serve immediately with stuffing cranberry sauce and a big glass of wine for dad! Happy Thanksgiving!

There you have it! A step-by-step guide to carving the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be impressing your family and friends in no time flat. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy all that Turkey Day has to offer. 

Choose the Perfect Carving Knife for Your Kitchen

With a high-quality carving knife in your culinary arsenal, you'll be well-equipped to serve up beautifully sliced meats and poultry at your next dinner party or holiday feast. Consider the blade type, length, flexibility, and handle comfort when selecting your ideal carving knife, and enjoy the satisfaction of perfectly carved dishes. 

Nomad Series 12" Slicer 

Price: $119.90
Sale Price: $95.99

Introducing the Nomad Series Long Slicing Knife—a precision-crafted tool for adventurous culinary enthusiasts. With a 30.7 cm German stainless steel blade, it effortlessly slices through tough meats. The Mountain Burl wood fusion handle, complemented by deep sea blue epoxy resin, adds a touch of outdoor inspiration. This 43.4 cm knife guarantees exceptional control and balance with its carbonized rosewood handle. Elevate your culinary adventures with this indispensable tool!

Dynasty Series 12" Slicer 

Price: $104.99
Sale Price: $65.97

Introducing our Dynasty Slicer, a slicing knife that transcends expectations with its exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted using the revered Japanese blade-making technique employed in samurai swords, this knife is a testament to the artistry and precision of the past.

Utilizing the san mai technique, we've clad the blade's hard steel core with two layers of "softer" steel, offering unparalleled support. The result? Blades that are not only screamingly sharp but also highly resistant to rust, ensuring a lifetime of impeccable performance.

The blade is meticulously crafted from a blend of Japanese AUS-10 high carbon stainless steel and a softer stainless steel, creating a hardened effect that sets it apart. This fusion of materials achieves an exceptional balance of sharpness and durability that will exceed your expectations.

12" Grizzly Scimitar | Forged Japanese San-Mai Steel

Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $107.99

Discover the Grizzly Series 12" Scimitar Slicer, expertly crafted for the Thanksgiving carving master, every dad. Co-designed with renowned pitmaster and BBQ expert Kevin Bludso, this knife embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Its sharpness and precision, achieved through the Japanese San Mai forging method, make slicing through the Thanksgiving turkey not just easier, but a culinary spectacle.

Weighing 323g and forged from high-quality 430 stainless steel with a Hitachi SLD Steel Edge, the Grizzly Series slicer promises longevity and impeccable performance. Its full tang construction offers unmatched balance and control, essential for the intricate task of carving the holiday bird. This Thanksgiving, let the Grizzly Series 12" Scimitar Slicer be the tool that transforms your feast into a family tradition, celebrated and passed down through generations.

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