What Makes a Good Knife? The Cooking Guild Knife Review

What Makes a Good Knife? The Cooking Guild Knife Review

Are The Cooking Guild Knives Good? The Cooking Guild Knife Review

Quick chops, good blade, and ergonomic handles; that’s what many would think of a good knife. However, are these all the qualities that make your cutting tool outstanding? A survey says about 65% of knife consumers consider its sharpness and handle first before purchasing.

Besides, most persons only consider how sharp the knife and ergonomic the handles are before splashing their cash. Thus, some of them end up whining throughout their time with the blade with one complaint or the other.

But then, it all bores down to your knife's brand and make as some knives are superior in quality to others. Moreover, some blades come with the best material, the most ergonomic and functional design, as well as easy maintainability.

Alas, I might have just described a knife from the cooking guild! So this brings us to the ultimate question – Are The Cooking Guild Knives Good? While answers may mostly be subjective due to personal preferences, this piece highlights the exclusive qualities of our Cooking Guild knives.

What Makes a Good Knife?

Ask this question in a poll of 100 persons, and you’re sure to get a catalogue of answers. But the point is that some qualities are needed in a knife to qualify it as good.

Although sharpness is considered the topmost quality that defines a good knife, some other features contribute to its excellent functionality.

More so, whether it’s a chef’s knife, bread knife or paring knife, a good cutting tool should at least have a standard material and exquisite design. Apologies to those who think the sharpest knives are the best, but some other factors make an excellent knife.  

Features of a Good Knife

There is a certain feeling that comes with owning a solid, premium quality knife. But, of course, I am not just talking about sharp knives. Sure, sharpness is great, but material solidity, design functionality, and easy maintenance are worth checking out.

What are Solid Knife Materials?

You’ll find knives of various materials in the market, with every one of them coming in handy on one occasion or the other. However, the best knife materials are the ones that can withstand the rigors of constant cutting and slicing. Hence, if your knife comes with any of the below-listed materials, you can consider it a good/solid knife.

Carbon Steel

One interesting fact about carbon steel knives is that they harden to HRC 58-60, and this rating provides the highest possible sharpness. Moreover, the carbon element added to steel makes a formidable partnership that can withstand anything.

The carbon content increases its durability and functionality, eliminating the possibilities of bending and losing sharpness. So even though it’s more prone to rust than stainless, you can easily maintain it; no wonder every top chef wants a carbon steel knife.

Bushcraft Bundle. High Carbon Steel Knives.

Stainless Steel

Staking that every family in New York City has at least one stainless steel cutlery is a bet you can’t lose. Stainless steel is the most common material used in the production of knives for a litany of good reasons.

First, a stainless steel blade is easy to sharpen and retains its sharpness for a long while. Moreover, the material is way cheaper than metal, making its knives more affordable than most of their counterparts.

Besides, it delivers the same powerful slicing feature as carbon steel but doesn’t rust easily. Yet, it comes with a little ‘but’ as it bends easily. 

Men With The Pot Cleaver. Stainless Steel Cleaver.

Damascus Steel

The holy grail of most handmade knives, Damascus steel, is one of the strongest and most durable knife materials on the market. This is because it comes with a carbon core and stainless exterior, perfectly combining the unbeatable qualities of both materials.

The combination also lessens the individual drawbacks posed by these components. Most of the cooking guild knives like the onyx series come with this material. Hence, they are both flexible and solid at the same time, making your slicing fantasies an overwhelming reality.

That’s all on durable materials for a solid knife. It’s also worthy of note that other excellent materials like ceramic didn't make it into our list due to the rarity of use. So let's consider other factors that make a knife good and solid.

ONYX Series. Damascus Steel Knives.

The functionality of the Design

This factor cuts across a plethora of features that all contribute to a knife’s exquisite design. For instance, to spot a knife with an excellent and functional design, you should consider the size, weight, balance and handle.


The purpose or use of a knife mostly decides its best size. Thus, a chef's knife, most used, should come at about 8-10 inches for optimum cutting and slicing of meat and vegetables. However, a paring knife should be perfect at 3-4 inches for peeling fruits and deveining shrimps.


Like size, a knife's weight should strike a balance between light and heavy to ensure maximum functionality.

It should be heavy enough to cut perfectly, as well as the ideal lightness for ergonomic handling. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your slicing practice because a knife is too heavy or so light. Hence, it has to be the right weight.


The knife handle should be in the perfect position to enhance a perfect balance when using the knife. In addition, to achieve the best blade execution with utmost comfort, the blade should have an equal weight distribution with the handle.

Thus, you should check out the knife specifications before buying. Top knife sites like thecookingguild.com provide such specifications on all their knife reviews.


Are Cooking Guild Knives Good?

If you have had a knife from the cooking guild, you must have experienced most of the qualities listed above. Our knives constantly stand out amongst their equals, from the right balance and best designs to the highest-grade materials.

We deliver the best hand-forged steel blade to your fingertips at the best prices and with many perks. Our knives are nothing short of fantastic, from our fillet knives to the improved and amazing bushcraft bundle. Stemmed from innumerable excellent reviews, some of which are outlined below, our clients feel satisfied with all our products.

Bushcraft Fillet Knife

What Makes The Cooking Guild Knives Good/Solid?

For a handmade knife/blade, the material, design, and the forging process all contribute to what will be an amazing hand-forged knife. Thus, the major factor distinguishing a cooking guild knife from the rest is the attention we pay to quality. Our materials are sourced from the best equipment, and the process is well detailed to achieve perfection and excellence in all our products.

Most of our knife sets contain cost-effective bundles with masterfully crafted blades to combine strength and durability. Thus, we offer you both carbon and stainless-steel blades with a few Damascus steel knives available in our collection. Our knives are perfectly optimized to give the best balance and guarantee an overwhelming cooking experience. Of course, it goes without saying that our knives make chopping, peeling, slicing, deveining, and disjointing a graceful walk in the park.

Furthermore, an extensive testing period crowns the efforts of a dexterous forging process. And we can beat our chest that after several months of painstaking forging, each model undergoes a rigorous testing time. We ensure that every detail is perfect during this period, and all downsides are lessened to the barest minimum.

The knives also pass through a strict quality control check, leaving the forge in mint condition with exceedingly sharp 15 degrees blade edges. Thus, we offer our customers an unbeatable knife model to enhance their cutting experience with every release.

Moreover, the excellent execution of every knife blade depends heavily on the mastery of the forger. As such, cooking guild knives come from blacksmiths' anvils with over 20 years of experience yielding knives of the highest quality.

However, we consider any possible drawback you may experience with our blade hence our free lifetime guarantee. This offer comes with every knife purchased from our online stores; we fix every issue free of charge.

The cost-effectiveness of our knives (amazing quality at a very affordable price) has endeared us to over 50,000 top chefs. Besides, all our clients leave with broad smiles, which is evident in our numerous high review rates. Our site is beaming with a litany of excellent reviews stemming from the satisfaction we deliver to our customers' fingertips. Here are some nice reviews from the cooking guild site.

What Some of our customers say?

My Perfect Little Dicing Tool

This little knife is fantastic for dicing and slicing vegetables. The handle is a perfect fit for my extra-large hand. Very comfortable to use and extremely sharp.

Adam E.

My Awesome Knife

The shape and balance this blade comes with make it an awesome addition to my set.

Frank S.

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