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What’s In Our Hand Forged Complete Set?

A good set of knives is something no chef can live without. Whether you are cooking at a professional level or making dinner for the kids, a knife set will change how you cook forever. A single knife cannot effectively cut everything encountered in the kitchen.

From herbs and small vegetables to large pieces of meat, one knife cannot get the job done. This is where the Hand Forged Complete Set comes in. We crafted this set to ensure cooks have access to high-quality knives. This set encompasses three knives that cover a wide range of needs.

This set includes one hand forged Kiri cleaver, one hand forged 8” chef’s knife, and one hand forged 5” petty knife. These knives are hand forged with high carbon steel, making them elegant and durable. With this set, you will always have the knife for the job.

Hand Forged Kiri Cleaver

The hand-forged Kiri cleaver boasts an 87mm wide by 185mm long 1095 high carbon steel blade. The blade is strong and durable at 3mm thick. The Kiri cleaver is essential for any chef’s collection, especially if meat is on the table.

Cleavers are designed with a solid handle and rectangular blade, making them perfect for cutting through pieces of meat, soft bone, and root vegetables. No matter how tough, this cleaver will get the job done.

Hand Forged 8” Chef’s Knife

The hand forger 8” chef’s knife’s blade a 216mm long by 59mm wide. This knife also has a strong and durable 3mm thick 1095 high carbon steel blade. The chef’s knife will be the most versatile in your collection. It can be used with circular, rocking, or chopping motions. The blade is strong and fine, making it a knife you will find yourself reaching for again and again.

Hand Forged 5” Petty Knife

The hand-forged 5” petty knife is the smallest and slimmest in the collection with a 2.5mm thick blade. The German high carbon steel blade is just 125mm long. The petty knife’s small stature makes it perfect for fine work and is used for cutting and peeling small fruits and vegetables by hand.

The Hand Forged Complete Set is the perfect addition to any collection. This one set provides the essentials needed in every kitchen. With this set, you will have a knife for heavy chopping, a small knife for peeling and chopping, and the most versatile knife you can grab for every occasion.

If there is a chef in your life, we recommend the Hand Forged Complete Set as a gift. It is the perfect starter set for anyone who cooks. This set has something for everyone and can be used to complement any recipe. We crafted the Hand Forged Complete set with you in mind; it is the culmination of our best basic knives.

We want to bring versatility to your kitchen. We know you will reach for these knives again and again.

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