Why People Love Our Hand Forged 5" Petty Knife

Why People Love Our Hand Forged 5" Petty Knife

Our Hand Forged 5” Petty Knife is made from high carbon steel, this knife is both strong and precise while still being comfortable to use. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the 5" Petty Knife is the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal. This compact and versatile knife is quickly becoming a must-have in every kitchen, and we are here to show you why.


“I have replaced every other knife besides my cleaver. Its sharp and very well balanced for almost every job”

- Marc H

Excellent Petty Knife 

“I was looking for a nice petty knife to add to my every day cook's tools. This is exactly the knife I imagined when beginning my search, before I even saw it. The blade is very sharp and easy to maintain.

The three-rivet handle is comfortable. Using this knife... it fits the hand perfectly, feeling as if it were part of my hand. Excellent balance. Highly recommended.”

- Pierce W

Perfect prep knife

“While this is a smaller knife, it comes razor sharp (literally shaving razor sharp) and because of its shape, it makes vegetable prep into such a simple task. It will also fit perfectly into my hiking pack for day trips where we can carry fresh food for camp at night. This is one of the best pieces of prep gear I have ever purchased.” 

- Brian S 

Great Little Knife

“I been using my petty knife and the only thing I can say is that is a wonderful knife, very well balance and sharp as a samurai sword, thank you The Cooking Guild!”

- Jesus O 

Unbelievable Experience 

“I received this knife free when I bought another one but I'm so glad I did!!! This is one of the BEST purchases I ever made!!! I have wanted chef's knives for a long time but NOW I do!!! Can't wait to use them more!!!”

- Kim P 

Amazing Knife 

“This knife is amazing. Not only does it look amazing but it feels amazing. I will certainly be using this knife a lot :)”

Arnie C 


“The knife is more substantial than we expected! Nothing thin or weak about the knife. Felt great in my husband and my hands.” 

- Kimberly S. 


“I’ve had this knife for a few months now. I’ve got another knife from these guys, but I’m finding that I’m reaching more for this one. Extremely sharp. I’ve cut myself a couple of times! Great for prepping veggies. Light weight. Fits nicely in my hand. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an everyday tool.” 

- Kellie

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