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Beautiful knife

Very well made, beautiful and sharp. Many a fish will feel its sharpness l

My new fav!

For me, there’s nothing more exciting than to try a new knife and get to cooking! I have purchased now approximately 10 or 12 knives from The Cooking Guild. I have sent them to my brothers and their wives and I’ve also kept a set for myself. The bunka does not disappoint! It is a terrific knife. That is just the right size for pretty much any activity. I love all of the knives that I purchased from cooking guild and I especially love the way they look while they’re hanging on the wall. I was skeptical at first because I am accustomed to buying either German or Japanese steel. These do not fall short and for the price absolutely phenomenal. Highly recommend them.

Nomad Series Cleaver
Stephen M Gage

The Nomad Series is absolutely beautiful, razor sharp, perfect balance set.

Well made and aesthetically pleasing

I love the weight and the feel of my knife. It’s very sharp and definitely does its job while showing of beautiful craftsmanship.

These knives are not only beautiful but are comfortable, balanced and stays sharp.

Dynasty Series Santoku
Clifford Picchi


Nomad Series Fillet Knife
Patrick Kennealy
Great knife!

Great knife that gets razor sharp and stays sharp. Well balanced also.


Very sharp and beautiful!

Not bad knives

I love the knives and they were sharp at first. However, they went dull faster than I expected. One of the edges rolled, and the others are still good. I have knife sharpeners which help keep them sharp, but I just cant get them as sharps as they were when they were new. I have had them only four months now. I didn't expect them to go dull as fast. (When I say dull, I don't mean like regular knives at Brick and Mortar stores). They are still sharp, just not like new. Which is to be expected when used. Again, I stll love the knives, and they cut better than any knife I have ever had. I do recommend buying them still, and i may purchase another set. I have my eyes on the Bushcraft set.

Viper 8" USA Chef Knife
Kyle Dunks
Love it!

Such a great knife sharp out of the box, sturdy in the hand, looks awesome. Only negatives the box it comes is pretty weak and flimsy and can't really be used to carry the knife around. And also no sheath or anything to come with it so if you don't have a knife roll to put it in hard to transport it safely


Fits perfect great design 👌

Nomad Series Petty Knife
Kathleen Rothman
Wow 👌

I Love my knives ,the Only ones to use. Precise keenly sharp. Used every day . Thank you 🙏🦋🌼🐢

Nomad series fillet knife

It looks great and I think it will do what I am looking for

Wonderful addition to my kitchen

This knife cuts very well and joy to use.


Perfect for me......


Love it: handsome sharp and a wonderful feel in the hand.

Bushcraft Fillet Knife
Bryan witherite
Bush craft fillet knife

Love it very 😊

Awesome peace of steel

I’m in love with this cleaver, it’s perfectly balanced and sharp!

Awesome knives

I bought a bundle of knives for camping I fell in love with them and I use them every where I bought a couple more knives recently just because. I will say this much about theses knives protect them with their sheaths they are with it.


All of these knives are AMAZING. They stay sharp cut like a dream. They are also quite beautiful. My husband LOVES his knoves. Very impressed

It’s ok but…

I think there might be a problem with my sheath, it doesn’t fit perfectly… it is very thigh and and I have to force when pulling the strap to make it til the button.

Hello! We appreciate your feedback regarding the Full Art Grizzly Sheath | Scimitar Slicer. The tight fit of the sheath is deliberately designed to ensure maximum protection for the knife and the users. However, we understand your concerns about the difficulty in using the strap. We will assess the design to ensure it maintains the necessary security while also providing easier usability. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. For further inquiries or concerns, you may contact us via email at

Awesome piece of steel!

Perfect balanced and forged! One of the bests knives I’ve ever had. It’s beautiful and sharp.

Mr. Pinto

love it!!!


Gave them to my husband for Christmas!
He loves them!!

Beautiful and sharp......

absolutely love my knife, makes my prep work a brezze