Those Hard To Cut Veggies That That Are Calling for Your Cleaver

Those Hard To Cut Veggies That That Are Calling for Your Cleaver

Some vegetables are very tough to cut, and without a good knife, you're not going to get too far when preparing them for a recipe. Even the best chefs will tell you that the vegetables on our list will test the sharpest knife in your knife holder. That's why sometimes it's best to bring out the big guns like our Dynasty Series Serbian Cleaver


The best way to cut onions is to cut them in half and lay them cut side down on the cut board. With your sharp knife, cut three lengthwise slices into the half onion, and then score it along the width of the vegetable. Finally, dice the onion by chopping along the lengthwise cuts. 


Start by cutting off the stiffer end of the asparagus stalk. Next, peel the vegetable until every part of it is tender and supple. Finally, cut it horizontally, diagonally, or lengthwise depending on how you prepare your meal.


With a sharp knife, cut off the top quarter portion of your artichoke. next, cut the artichoke and half and scoop out its innards with a spoon or your washed hands. Note that this vegetable will brown quickly, so cook it fast or place it in water with lemon.

Brussels Sprouts

Start by cutting off the hard wooden core of the brussel sprout and removing any brown leaves with scissors or your hands. Then cut sprouts into halves or quarters. 


You may need a serrated knife for this cut. First, position the tomato with its stem facing the ceiling and cut it in half. Put both slices cut side down and then cut lengthwise. Cut widthwise again and then lengthwise until you have small tomato cubes.


Cut the bushy part of the broccoli from the stalk using your best knife. Then separate the bushy head broccoli into smaller components with your hands or a smaller blade. Don't throw away that stalk because you can strip it down and cut it into little 1-inch cubes.

Bell Peppers

Open the bell pepper by cutting off its top and bottom portions. Now that you have access to the insides, remove the seeds. After all the seeds are gone, cut the bell pepper in half and slice off the white sticky part. Finally, you can cut it into long strips or dice it.


Start by quartering your cauliflower, meaning cut it into four equal parts. Take out the hard core from each quarter and separate the florets by cutting or breaking them. After that, chop them up as thinly as you please.


To prepare your kale, start by removing the center stem along the length of the vegetable. With your leaves stacked, roll them up and cut them into ribbons.

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