Which Cleaver Is Right For You?

Which Cleaver Is Right For You?

The cleaver is an essential tool to add to your collection of kitchen knives. If you're doing any butchering, you'll want this heavy-bladed knife. But you can't just choose anything from the store; you need one that perfectly suits your needs and standards for chopping. 

Thankfully, we have a whole collection of delightful cleavers, and one of them is sure to be the right cleaver for you.

Rustic Hand-Forged Serbian Cleaver

The Rustic Hand-Forged Serbian Cleaver has the hardness and toughness to rival all others. The blade is crafted through heat to add much-desired flexibility and then highly sharpened so that it can cut through any obstacle. With a comfortable rosewood handle, this blade fits comfortably in your hand so that you can get right to work. 

The Rustic Cleaver has a simplistic, rugged look that will thrill you. Heavy but well-balanced, you'll know that you're purchasing a solid piece of equipment that will last for years.

Hand-Forged Kiri Cleaver

The Hand-Forged Kiri Cleaver is a hybrid blade from a mastery of Serbian and Japanese artistry. The painfully sharp blade can slice its way with extreme precision, while the weight behind it will easily sever any bone or tendon in your way. 

This cleaver is a 2-in-1; it has the impressive weight of our Snazan Serbian Chef's Knife combined with the versatility you might expect from our Master Kiritsuke. Sturdy and well-balanced with an eye-catching aged pattern, you won't be disappointed.

Dynasty Series Serbian Cleaver

The Dynasty Series Serbian Cleaver is forged similarly to Japanese sword production. The hard inner core is layered with two layers of "softer" steel, a feature that makes this knife more durable and resistant to corrosion and abuse over the years.

It makes this cleaver a forever knife for your home. The utility isn't this knife's only advantage; this cleaver has a fashionable rosewood handle and is gifted with an aged and blackened appearance along the blade's expanse.

Limited Edition San Mai Rustic Cleaver

The Limited Edition San Mai Rustic Cleaver is a stunning knife with a breathtaking blade design and comfortable handle. It's quite similar to the Rustic Cleaver but with the added benefit of being forged with the Japanese 3 Layer San Mai Steel method. 

This blade has excellent weight and balance and retains the flexibility that makes others jealous. With the San Mai Rustic Cleaver, you get everything. You'll have a cleaver with a shockingly sharp blade, durability, sturdiness, and the potential to last for many years.

Purchase the Right Cleaver For You

You need a good quality cleaver in your kitchen; not just any blade will do. When you purchase a new knife for your life, you're not just buying an object but making an investment. This is something that you want to last for years to come.

We can help you out by putting that knife in your hands. Check out any of our quality blades, and you surely will be satisfied with what you bring home.

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