6 Fishing Accounts You Should Be Following

6 Fishing Accounts You Should Be Following

No one knows fishing like anglers and fishermen. And people who don't fish don't really understand the hard-earned technique required to reel in a championship catch or put food on your table.

But we do. That's why we've curated a list of the 6 best fishing accounts you should be following. From artistic photography to local anglers, we've got you covered.

Keep reading if you're looking for a compilation of the best fishing accounts that inspire you to get outdoors or find new fishing spots and fishing gear.

Commercial Photographer @nickshirghiophotography

Nick Shirghio is most famous for his features in Gulfshore Life, and Naples illustrated, capturing outdoor lifestyle moments with his passion for the outdoors and fishing. He creates the perfect hub for fish scale trivia and outdoor photography.

Follow Nick for a glimpse of angler culture and style through the Canon camera lens from a Naples native exploring the beautiful muck of the Everglades.

Wisconsin @maggiejo_outdoors

Aside from having fun, Lady angler Maggie Jo spends the weekend setting the hook for largemouth bass across Wisconsin. Raised up in the outdoors, Maggie knows a thing or two about hog hunting and fishing.

And you'll even catch a glimpse of ice fishing for bluegills and field-to-table holiday hunting stories. Get to know Wisconsin's backcountry hunting and angling with Maggie Jo.

Living in Florida @tallfishermanj

Catch and cook angler John is documenting the living dream: fishing and cooking. From fishing for Yellowtail Snappers for the grill to exotic Mayan Cichlid, Snakehead, Mahi Mahi, and more.

He even shares techniques on ditch fishing with product reviews. And he'll even show you reasons to love Florida!

Follow John's journey for underground fishing spots in Florida and run-ins with the cops.

Up North In Minnesota With @nattieupnorth

Natalie embraces life with balance, fresh air, and musky fishing. She'll show you the beauty of ice fishing on frozen lakes. And how to live a meaningful life with family, friends, and musky slime.

If you're fishing for mental health, follow lady angler Natalie for the best holistic wellness for recreational anglers and fishermen.

From El Salvador to Georgia @senorbassfishing

Juan mixes fresh and saltwater fishing with Spanish into a cocktail of sport fishing for Largemouth Bass in Atlanta, Georgia, and garnished with Dios, Familia, y Pesca in that order.

Outdoorsmen looking for new fishing techniques and inspiration in Spanish should follow Juan and join the largest community of Pescadores.

Based In The USA @benoutdoorsUSA

Benny catches monster bass across 10,000 lakes. In addition, he shares a healthy dose of hunting, fishing, and travel for outdoor fanatics.

And if you've been indoors for too long, you may stop at a nearby location. Ambassadors of the first-ever and only Bass Mobile, Tyler, and Benny are touring the country on a mission to rescue folk from the indoors across the country.

Join the adventure and follow Benny for the best in fishing out of kayaks, hunting, and camping.

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