How to Butterfly Shrimp

How to Butterfly Shrimp

Butterflying shrimp is a culinary skill that can elevate your seafood dishes, making them more appealing and enhancing their texture and flavor. It’s a simple technique once you know how, and having the right tools, such as our high-quality knives, can make the process even easier and more enjoyable.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps to butterfly shrimp perfectly every time, while introducing the advantages of using our premium knives for the job.

Choosing the Right Shrimp:

For the best results, choose large or jumbo shrimp, as they are easier to work with and provide a more impressive presentation. Ensure your shrimp are fresh or properly thawed if they were frozen. You can choose to butterfly shrimp either shell-on or shell-off, but removing the shell might be easier for beginners.

Gather Your Tools:

Before you begin, make sure your workspace is clean and organized for a smooth experience. You'll need a cutting board, paper towels, and most importantly, a sharp, flexible knife.

Deveining and Peeling (if necessary):

If your shrimp are shell-on, you'll need to remove the head, legs, and outer shell. Leave the tail intact for better control during butterflying. A sharp knife makes peeling and deveining effortless. To remove the vein, simply make a shallow cut along the back of the shrimp using the pointed tip of your knife.

Butterfly the Shrimp:

Now for the main event! Lay the shrimp flat on its side on the cutting board. Using your sharp, flexible knife, make a deep incision along the belly, almost all the way through but not severing it completely. The precision of your knife here ensures a clean and controlled cut. Gently spread the shrimp open along the cut to create a beautiful butterfly shape.

Flatten for Even Cooking:

Gently press the shrimp flat to increase the surface area for even cooking and better seasoning absorption. A well-balanced knife provides control for delicate tasks like flattening.

Cooking Your Butterflied Shrimp:

Now that your shrimp are ready, season them according to your recipe. Butterflied shrimp cook beautifully by grilling, frying, or baking, absorbing flavors quickly for a delicious result.

The Secret Weapon: The Right Knife

While technique is important, the right tool makes all the difference. Here's why a good knife is essential for butterflying shrimp:

  • Effortless precision: Sharpness and flexibility allow for smooth cuts and easy handling of the shrimp.
  • Clean cuts: Precise knives ensure clean cuts, keeping your shrimp intact.
  • Elevates the experience: The right knife transforms a task into an enjoyable culinary art form.

Selecting the Perfect Knife for Shrimp Preparation

The success of butterflying shrimp lies not only in technique but also in the tools used. While several steps outline the process, having the right knife can transform this preparation from a task into an art. Here are knives perfectly suited for the job:

Fillet Knives

Known for their flexibility and precision, fillet knives are specifically designed for delicate tasks like deveining and butterflying shrimp. Their sharp, thin blades allow for precise cuts without damaging the meat, making them an essential tool for seafood enthusiasts.

Bushcraft Fillet Knife

Engineered with a long, razor-sharp blade that boasts both strength and flexibility, this high-quality knife is adept at handling the toughest tasks with ease. Its sleek wooden handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring optimal control during use.

For added convenience, the knife comes with a reinforced leather sheath, guaranteeing safe and hassle-free transport. With the Bushcraft Fillet Knife by your side, you'll be equipped with a formidable tool capable of tackling even the most challenging filleting tasks.


  • Razor-Sharp Blade: The Bushcraft Fillet Knife features a long, razor-sharp blade that effortlessly cuts through tough seafood and intricate filleting tasks with precision.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The sleek wooden handle of the Bushcraft Fillet Knife is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and firm grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
  • Reinforced Leather Sheath: For safe and easy transport, the knife comes with a reinforced leather sheath, providing protection against accidental cuts and damage.


  • Limited Application: While ideal for filleting fish and seafood, the knife may not be suitable for other kitchen tasks such as chopping vegetables or slicing meat.
  • Wooden Handle Care: The wooden handle may require special care to prevent damage from moisture or prolonged exposure to water, necessitating regular maintenance and conditioning.

7" Grizzly Fillet | Forged Japanese San Mai Steel

Each knife in the Grizzly Series, including the 7" Grizzly Fillet, is meticulously forged using the revered Japanese San Mai method. This time-honored technique ensures unparalleled sharpness and precision, allowing you to achieve perfect fillets every time.

Moreover, the 7" Grizzly Fillet Knife's razor-sharp blade and precise control make it particularly useful for butterflying shrimps. Its precise cutting action allows you to effortlessly butterfly shrimp for grilling, ensuring even cooking and maximum flavor infusion. 


  • Durable Construction: With its forged construction, the Grizzly Fillet Knife promises durability and resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance in the kitchen.
  • Optimal Blade Length: The 7-inch blade strikes a perfect balance between maneuverability and cutting surface, making it versatile for various filleting tasks.
  • Comfortable Handling: Designed with an ergonomic handle, this knife offers a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.


  • Higher Price Point: The premium materials and craftsmanship may lead to a higher price compared to other fillet knives on the market.
  • Limited Availability: Due to its popularity and demand, the Grizzly Fillet Knife may have limited availability, making it challenging to acquire at times.

Nomad Series Fillet Knife

The Nomad Series Fillet Knife combines the elegance of nature with the precision of modern craftsmanship. Designed specifically for the culinary enthusiast who appreciates both beauty and functionality in the kitchen, this fillet knife features a razor-sharp blade made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel.

What sets this knife apart is its enchanting mountain range engraving along the blade edge, making each filleting task a visually stunning experience.

The knife’s handle is a work of art in itself, crafted from stabilized mountain burl wood and deep sea blue epoxy resin, ensuring both durability and a comfortable grip.

With a blade length of 17.8 cm, it offers exceptional control and precision, allowing you to effortlessly filet fish, chicken, or steak while preserving the integrity of the meat.


  • High-Quality Material: The blade is forged from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel, ensuring longevity, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Features a unique mountain range blade edge engraving, adding a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen.
  • Ergonomic Design: The combination of mountain burl wood and deep sea blue epoxy resin handle provides a firm and comfortable grip.
  • Precision Cutting: With a 17.8 cm long blade, it offers superior control for precision filleting, even with challenging skeletons.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for filleting a wide range of meats, including fish, chicken, and steak, following their contours closely for perfect cuts.


    • Specialized Use: Primarily designed for filleting, which may not be as versatile as other kitchen knives for those seeking a multi-use tool.
    • Care Requirements: The sophisticated materials and design may require more careful maintenance to preserve both the blade’s sharpness and the handle’s integrity.

      Paring Knives

      When it comes to detailed work such as peeling and intricate cuts, paring knives excel. Their small, sharp blades afford exceptional control, making the fine work of deveining shrimp seem effortless.

      Dynasty Series Paring Knife

      The Dynasty Petty Knife integrates ancient Japanese swordsmithing techniques with modern culinary needs, offering unparalleled sharpness and durability.

      This essential kitchen tool, perfect for precise kitchen tasks, combines a high carbon AUS-10 core with 430 stainless steel for a blade that's both rust-resistant and easy to maintain, all while boasting a stylish carbonized rosewood handle.


      • Ancient Craftsmanship: Employs traditional Japanese san mai technique.
      • Superior Sharpness: High carbon core ensures long-lasting edge retention.
      • Enhanced Durability: Stainless steel cladding for strength and corrosion resistance.
      • Ease of Maintenance: Offers the simplicity of sharpening typical of high carbon blades.
      • Ergonomic Design: Features a comfortable carbonized rosewood handle.
      • Versatile Utility: Ideal for a wide range of kitchen tasks.


      • Premium Pricing: Quality materials and craftsmanship may command a higher cost.
      • Care Requirements: Needs dedicated care to maintain the blade's condition.

      Nomad Series Petty Knife

      The Nomad Series Petty Knife is a versatile and essential kitchen tool, featuring a compact and razor-sharp blade perfect for a variety of tasks such as peeling, slicing, dicing, and shaping.

      Crafted from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel, the blade is corrosion-resistant and adorned with a sleek mountain range engraving. Its handle combines stabilized burl wood with deep sea blue epoxy resin, offering a stunning design and comfortable grip for precise control.


      • Versatile Use: Ideal for peeling, slicing, dicing, and shaping.
      • High-Quality Material: Blade made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel for durability and resistance to corrosion and rust.
      • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable burl wood handle with deep sea blue epoxy resin for easy and precise cutting.
      • Aesthetically Pleasing: Sleek mountain range engraving and stunning handle design inspired by nature.


        • Specialized Care Required: High-quality materials may require specific care to maintain their condition.
        • Investment Piece: The unique materials and design might reflect a higher price point compared to standard kitchen knives.

        Hand Forged 5" Petty Knife

        A highly requested addition to any kitchen, the Hand Forged 5” Petty Knife excels in versatility and quality. Crafted from German high carbon stainless steel, it's designed for a range of tasks, from peeling and slicing to shaping, making it an essential tool for cooks at all levels.


        • Versatile Use: Ideal for peeling, slicing, and shaping.
        • High-Quality Material: Made from German high carbon stainless steel for durability.
        • Precision and Strength: Offers a perfect balance between sharpness and durability.
        • Comfortable Usability: Designed for ease of use, regardless of the user's skill level.


        • Care Requirements: High carbon steel may require more maintenance to prevent rust.
        • Specialized Use: While versatile, it's more suited to specific tasks rather than general kitchen use.

        5" Grizzly Petty | Forged Japanese San Mai Steel


        The Grizzly Series is a premium knife set designed specifically for BBQ enthusiasts, co-created with Kevin Bludso, a James Beard Award-winning chef and a judge on Netflix's BBQ Showdown.

        This series is celebrated for its robustness and the meticulous crafting process, utilizing the Japanese San Mai method for exceptional sharpness and durability. It's tailored for those who take their grilling seriously and seek to combine tradition with cutting-edge precision in their culinary tools.


        • Expert Craftsmanship: Developed in collaboration with renowned BBQ chef Kevin Bludso, ensuring professional-grade quality.
        • Unmatched Sharpness: Utilizes the Japanese San Mai forging method for superior blade sharpness and precision.
        • Durability: Features a full tang design with 430 stainless steel and Hitachi SLD Steel Edge, promising longevity.
        • Ergonomic Design: The handle is made from rosewood with a signature TCG Metal Bolster for comfortable and secure grip.
        • Versatile Blade Specifications: The 5" Petty knife offers optimal size and weight for a range of BBQ tasks.


        • Specialized Use: Primarily designed for BBQ enthusiasts, which might not appeal to those looking for a more general-purpose knife set.

        Onyx II Damascus Steel Petty Knife


        The ONYX knife set boasts masterfully forged high carbon Damascus steel knives with an elegant full tang Ebony wood handle, detailed with a unique Mosaic pin.

        Each piece is a culmination of nearly a year's meticulous craftsmanship, achieving an unparalleled blend of sharpness, balance, and aesthetic appeal.

        The set features a 5-inch Petty Knife with exceptional specifications, including a 67-layer Japanese Damascus steel blade and a robust G10 handle. It comes complete with an ONYX-branded cotton sheath and premium packaging, making it a truly exclusive addition to any kitchen.


        • Exceptional Quality: High carbon Damascus steel ensures enduring sharpness and durability.
        • Aesthetically Pleasing: Polished Ebony wood handle with a Mosaic pin adds a touch of elegance.
        • Optimal Performance: Carefully balanced for precision cutting.
        • Comprehensive Set: Includes a protective ONYX-branded sheath and custom packaging.
        • Exclusive Design: The result of nearly a year’s work to perfect its design and functionality.


        • Maintenance Required: High carbon steel requires regular maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion.
        • Specialized Care: The unique materials and construction may necessitate specific care instructions to maintain its condition.
        • Weight Consideration: Some users might find the knife's weight and balance different from what they are accustomed to.

        The Role of Quality Knives in Seafood Preparation

        Butterflying shrimp may seem daunting at first, but with a little practice and the right tools, it becomes an easy and quick process. By following these steps and using our specially designed knives, you can achieve professional-looking results that will impress your guests and elevate your meals. Explore our collection of knives today and discover how the right tools can transform your cooking experience.

        Remember, the key to perfect butterflied shrimp lies in the technique and the tools you use. Our knives are here to assist you in making every cut count, ensuring your seafood dishes turn out splendidly every time. Happy cooking!

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