Knife of the Month: Hantā™ Versatile Hand-forged Precision Knife

Knife of the Month: Hantā™ Versatile Hand-forged Precision Knife

Meet our Hantā™ Versatile Hand Forged Precision Knife. The rustic look of this knife is one of its most appealing features and its hand-forged appearance is sure to be a topic of conversation in your kitchen. You’ll find this knife to be up to each cooking task so get ready to effortlessly shred and chop your food for a delicious meal.

What Is the Knife Made Of?

With comfort and looks in mind, the Hantā™ Knife has a wooden handle made of premium oak. Each curve of the handle is ergonomically designed to hold in either hand with the angle of the handle making it comfortable to grasp.

But it isn’t just handy in the kitchen! Bring this knife on your next camping, hunting, or fishing trip and you’ll find the unique shape of the knife combined with its cutting ability invaluable.

Made from high carbon steel, the Hantā™ Knife may take on a patina over time but you can clean the patina to maintain its shiny appearance. At 4 centimeters wide, the Hantā™ Knife has a thicker blade than most knives, which gives it extra heft. It is perfect for tough tasks.

Caring for the Knife

Knives made of high carbon steel should be hand-washed and dried after use to prevent rust. To keep the knife in good shape, use a hand towel or dishcloth to dry the blade and handle.

Acid-rich foods cause patina to form on the blade faster. If you appreciate the look of a well-used knife, keep it the way it is. You can also wash it to regain a polished appearance.

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