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Our Favorite BBQ Griller Instagram Accounts

We know that if you breathe, sleep, and (of course) eat barbecue, you can’t just limit your grill love to mealtime.

But thankfully, you don’t have to! Amidst the many wonders of the internet is Instagram and there are plenty of drool-worthy barbecuers to follow and get inspired by their newest creations.

Of course, the complication is that it’s so hard to know what accounts are worthwhile. But fear not dear reader. We’re here to break down four of the best BBQ griller Instagram accounts for you!

Julie Madden (@girl_meets_grill)

Everyone loves to get an IV drip of traditional barbecue to their Instagram feeds. Ribs, brisket, smoked chicken - the works. Julie Madden does this and much, much more.

Besides mouth-watering smoked meats, poultry, and sides, Madden dips into unorthodox barbecue options. Some of our favorite posts of Madden’s feature smoked goose, grilled elk, and even grilled octopus!

If you’re looking for a creative account to inspire your cooking, give Madden a follow.

Matt Pittman - Meat Church (@meatchurch)

Julie Madden is an excellent choice if you want creative barbecue alternatives. Do you want to experiment with more accounts that widen your barbecue experience? Then the Meat Church is for you.

Pittman is a live-fire cook. He often partners with high-end barbecue and alcohol brands. But don’t be mistaken--he isn’t just out for sponsorship. Pittman’s account is chock-full of ideas for delicious food. Like pit-smoked ham glazed with an apple, cherry, and habanero bourbon.

What’s more, Pittman is very liberal about sharing his recipes. This gives you the chance to try out Meat Church’s liturgy at home.

Chris Stoll (@plazoo_bbq)

Next is Virginia-based barbecue expert and foodie Chris Stoll. He has a wide, eclectic array of cooking interests. And when he shares his food, you can expect a treat.

Like other barbecue Instagram accounts featured on this list, Stoll’s interests don’t belong only to barbecue. He shares dishes like Frutti di Mare pasta, chicken tacos, and baked goods like blondies.

But if you’re concerned that you won’t be getting enough traditional barbecue, don't worry. Some of Stoll’s best posts show off succulent, mouth-watering barbecue that he makes or eats. These dishes include pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, and many, many burgers.

Smith’s Smokehouse and Smoothies (@smokehousesmoothies)

If you want some pure, unadulterated barbecue, then take a look at Smith’s Smokehouse. It's a barbecue restaurant with catering based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Smith’s Smokehouse is quite active on Instagram. They don't just share updates on the restaurant's business. They also share plenty of pictures of their mouth-watering meals. Take a look at their page. You’ll find delectable meat treats and sides there. These include pork belly burnt ends, smoked ribs, green beans, and mac-and-cheese.

What’s more, Smith's Smokehouse and Smoothies offers a range of sweets. Don't let the name fool you - these are dessert smoothies! Feast your eyes on their tasty Strawberry Shortcake smoothies and Blueberry Cobbler smoothies. There are plenty of mouth-watering treats to view on Instagram with Smith's Smokehouse and Smoothies!

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