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Smoked Parmesan and Sausage Soup Recipe!

Need to cook a quick but nice-tasting meal? This tasty recipe is an easy and simple one to follow. With its spicy and fresh flavors, this is a perfect spring treat.

This is a delicious recipe that you should add to your weekly cooking routine. With the right seasoning, you can quickly cook up the parmesan and sausage soup for a flavorful meal. Don’t forget that you’ll benefit from high-quality cooking tools including superior knives from the Cooking Guild’s Dynasty Series.

Best of all? This dish can be cooked in as little as 20 minutes.

Are you ready to make this flavorful smoked sausage and parmesan soup? Let’s get started! Follow the steps from our recipe below.


  • One-quarter cup of Parmesan cheese

  • 1.25 pounds of Italian sausage

  • One-half of an onion

  • Five Roma tomatoes

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • One tablespoon of garlic powder

  • One teaspoon of Italian seasoning

  • Eight ounces of tomato puree

  • Two cups of chicken broth

  • One cup of whipping cream

  • Eight ounces of cream cheese


  1. To make the soup, first, chop and mince half of an onion.

  2. Now, slice the Roma tomatoes down the middle.

  3. Cut up the sausage into several sections.

  4. Drop the onions and sausage into a heated pan with a spoonful of butter. Cook the sausage until all pinkness is gone. Make sure the onions are softened as well.

  5. Throw in the tomatoes, tomato puree, Parmesan cheese, chicken broth, cream cheese, and whipping cream into the large pan. Stir everything up together to combine.

  6. Add the salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning to the mix.

  7. Heat the soup on a grill to finish the cooking process. You can also use an Instant Pot to cook the soup if you prefer.

You might also want to garnish it with some parsley to give it another pop of color. Make sure to serve this dish piping hot- no one likes cold soup!

No matter the occasion, this tasty smoked parmesan and sausage soup is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family. Enjoy!

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