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The Top 10 Films for Any Foodie’s Movie Bucket List

There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal while watching a movie all about cooking and baking tasty food. If you agree with us, check out the top 10 movies about food and cooking below.

These films star famous actresses we love like Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep. We think these classics should be on any foodie’s movie bucket list!

Julie & Julia

Meryl Streep plays the famous chef Julia Child in the movie Julie & Julia. The story revolves around the current-day author Julie Powell and her connection to the life of Julia Child. Powell aims to create every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook within one year and writes a blog detailing her cooking adventures.

Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts stars in Eat Pray Love, where she portrays an unhappy woman in the midst of a bitter divorce and looking for a change. She takes a journey around the globe to make sense of her life. The story revolves around her spending time in Italy, enjoying delicious plates of pasta, and gelato for dessert.


The movie Chef, released in 2014, outlines an impressive chef’s real-life journey in starting a popular food truck business after being fired from a restaurant. The foods detailed in the film got our stomachs rumbling. You’ll want to add these foods to your shopping list to cook at home.


Do you want a great movie to watch with your kids? The food-based cartoon Ratatouille will keep the whole family engaged. The film stars a rat with a dream of working as a chef. The rat eventually starts working with a cook at a Parisian restaurant by hiding under his chef’s hat.

No Reservations

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the main role in the No Reservations film, where she works as a chef and recently gained guardianship of her deceased sister’s daughter. The story takes place in a trendy restaurant. We loved watching the bustling style of restaurant life.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding details delicious Greek food, including moussaka, lamb, bundt cake, and more. Grab a plate and enjoy the comedic stylings of the Greek family in the movie, as well as the storyline of a young woman who goes against her family’s wishes to marry a non-Greek.

Big Night

If you’re looking for drama, romance, and comedy in a fun film about an immigrant family running an Italian restaurant, Big Night is the right movie for you. The Italian brothers struggle to serve the community with delicious and authentic Italian cuisine.


The movie Burnt focuses on the life of an impressive chef, beginning a restart of his career to obtain the third Michelin star. The movie showcases all sorts of delicious options while detailing how fast-paced the life of a chef in a busy restaurant can get.

Romantics Anonymous

Do you love sweets and chocolates? Then check out the movie Romantics Anonymous from 2010, which details the love story between a top chocolate maker and the owner of a chocolate factory. Best of all, the movie is rather humorous, as the two chocolate experts are painfully shy and get into hilarious hijinks to impress each other.

Mystic Pizza

Once again, Julia Roberts stars in another foodie movie called Mystic Pizza. The film revolves around three young women who work in a pizzeria famous for a secret sauce used on its pizza. An 80’s-era foodie’s movie bucket list classic!

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