Tips To Plan a Beercation

Tips To Plan a Beercation

If you’ve never been on a beercation before, you’re in for a good time. While it’s not as common as food trips and sightseeing, there’s a lot to discover when scouring the States for the best brew. If people go on vacation just for food, why not go just for beer?

Planning a beercation can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. This is one of those times when winging it simply won’t do. You’ve got to go in with a plan if you want to make the most out of your trip. Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips to plan a beercation that will make your life easier.

Do Research

The best thing you can do before any vacation is thorough research. Yes, it’s not as fun as chugging a lug, but problems arising from poor planning are even less fun. It can help you save money, discover hidden gems, and avoid any unsafe areas no matter what you choose.

Pick a Spot That Makes Sense for You

There are quite a lot of “beer towns.” To make the choice easier, think about what else you enjoy.

Here are some of the best cities for beer lovers:

  • Portland, OR

  • Denver, CO

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Richmond, VA

  • Spokane, WA

  • Seattle, WA

  • Tacoma, WA

  • Saint Louis, MO

  • Minneapolis, MN

  • Pittsburgh, PA

This list is a good place to start, but these results are based on breweries per capita. It doesn’t take the type of beer or the quality into consideration. People have different tastes and many of these cities specialize in a specific style of beer.

You can check several lists to see what other people recommend and see what activities are in the area.

Choose a Hotel/Hostel With a Bar

Picking a hotel or hostel with a bar is another way to elevate your beercation, because what could be better than returning after a long day of pub crawling and having another beer? It would be even better if you could take that beer to the pool.

Pack an Extra Bag

If you enjoy souvenirs, pack an extra bag. That way you can fill the entire bag with your newly discovered favorites. When you visit these breweries, you may find styles of beer that aren’t available back home that you’ll want to take with you.

You can’t bring that much liquid in a carry-on bag, so you’ll have to check the extra beer bag. Pack them in a waterproof suitcase with extra clothing to cushion.

Choose a DD or Tour Company

This is a good thing to decide in advance. Hopefully someone in your party is willing to become the designated driver. If not, you could also set it up so that you take turns. Better yet, you could also skip the driving problem and tour with a company.

If you decide in advance, you’ll have more wiggle room to plan more activities. If you do go with a tour company, you may save money by booking in advance.

Eat Well

Before you get started each day, be sure to eat a good breakfast. This will prevent the alcohol from hitting your empty stomach hard. It’ll give you more energy for the day ahead and help keep you from feeling sick. We all know it’s awful to get sick on vacation.

Pace Yourself

This is a useful tip if you want to last the entire day sampling different beers. Going on a bender might be a fun idea in the beginning, but suffering a day-long hangover the next day is counterintuitive.

If you want to make it through the whole day, just remember to drink slower and eat throughout. Remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Beer-for You Leave

As corny as it is, the number one tip is to have fun! You’re doing this for you, so don’t get too caught up in the details. Just remember to plan the essentials and stay safe so you can enjoy an amazing beer tour.

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