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Top Picks For Best Grills of 2022

Nothing beats the taste of grilled foods and a good quality grill will certainly produce succulent, and tasty results. But it also needs to be powerful, reliable and easy to use.

With so many different types (think gas, electric and pellet!), it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which one is right for you and your home. The most conventional type is a charcoal grill which will slow-cook all your meats and vegetables! Gas grills are loved for their convenience while a smoker grill (powered by pellets) is more like an outdoor oven and perfect for “setting and forgetting”.

Whether you’re a first-time griller, buyers who want to purchase grills for Father’s Day for fathers, and long-time grill users who want a new grill but do not know where to start, we’ve rounded up our top picks for best grills right now to suit any lifestyle.

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

One of the first pellet and best grills was the Traeger Ironwood 650 Pellet Grill. This grill is relatively easy to use so perfect for the first-timer while loaded with heaps of features to help take your grilling to the next level.

Featuring double-sidewall insulation to maintain steady heat levels, just plug it in and fill the hopper with wood pellets. The wood pellets move to an auger where they get lit while a fan circulates the heat and smoke. It comes fitted with a drip tray to collect grease and other hazards to keep the flames going and prevent hot flare-ups.

It even comes set with WiFIRE Technology meaning you can control your grill from anywhere. If you’re looking for a stronger smokey flavor, the Super Smoke Mode increases the amount of smoke with the push of a button.

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22-inch

This is the original Weber charcoal grill and there is a reason this thing is still around! Versatile and easy to use, a thermometer is built into the grill lid, making heating up and maintaining temperature simple. Additionally, the grill features dampers that provide even more control over temperature.

The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22-inch also has two wheels and weighs about 3 pounds, making it the most portable grill on this list.

Saber Elite 3 Burner Gas Grill

Unlike most gas grills, the Saber Elite Gas Grill has three burners and uses their own patented infrared grilling system to allow for the flexibility in cooking at both high and low temperatures with even heat. The cooking system directs air flow away from the cooking surface locking in foods natural moisture and preventing charred food.

With it’s easy-to-read temperature gauges and a versatile warming rack, this is a wonderful grill for memorable backyard celebrations. However, it is quite large with 500 square feet of cooking area so make sure you’ve got enough room setup in your back yard before making this purchase!

Z Grills 450A

The Z Grills ZPG-450A is a compact unit great for balconies and apartments. Delivering a delicious wood-smoked flavor you’d expect from a barbecue, this grill uses wood pellet fuels that offer flavor and cost-efficiency.

Versatile and sleek, the Z Grill is a smoker and wood- fired oven all in one. Use it on low temperatures for ribs, briskets, and pulled pork, or crank up the heat for some wood-fired pizza or BBQ classics. With a sloped grease tray that funnels drippings into a bucket, simply give your grill a wipe down, empty and bucket and you’re ready for your next cook.

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II, the most popular of our classic grills, shown with side shelves, accessories and cart

Perfect for typical backyard grilling and smoking, this ceramic BBQ grill looks as good as it cooks! With an adjustable 18-inch cooking surface and 2-tier cooking system, the design frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures - all at the same time.

The ceramic outside acts like an insulator to retain your food's natural oils and moisture content meaning your food will end up incredibly juicy and tender while infused with a true charcoal flavor. Kamado Joe grills allow you to smoke, bake, roast, grill and sear with a simple adjustment to the air flow and by using either direct or indirect heat.

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