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What Do Different Knives Do?

Any professional chef or cooking guru would be the first to tell you that having the best knife for the job is crucial to preparing and presenting the very best dishes. It makes meal preparation a breeze and the execution much smoother. 

There are so many options, and all serve a different purpose. There may even be some you have not heard of. For us ordinary cooks, we’re typically cooking for ourselves or our family. So what knives are the most useful overall? What do different knives do, and which ones are best for the meal you’re preparing? 

Read on to learn about some unique knives and what they can slice up.

Petty Knife 

When thinking of the word “petty,” “small” comes to mind. The petty knife is intended to cut small vegetables and is excellent for peeling vegetables and fruits by hand. 

Petty knives range in size and can be as small as 75 mm and are an excellent choice for cooks who are more comfortable with something a little smaller. 

Slicer Knife 

Restaurant chefs are big fans of the slicer knife. Slicer knives are long and narrow, used to cut large pieces of meat. Their blade and sharpness work for slicing up turkeys, roast beef, or tri-tips, to name a few. 

You can often find these slicers at carving stations. Catering businesses and buffets use these tools to ensure nicely thin sliced meat for their patrons. 

Hanta Knife 

Hantâ knives are unique, custom-designed knives. The word “Hantâ” derives from Japan and translates to “Hunter.” This versatile tool with a razor-sharp blade works excellently for chopping, shredding, and slicing. 

You can use the hantâ knife in the kitchen and also for hunting. Knife enthusiasts would be inclined to add one of these knives to their arsenal. 

Chef’s Knife 

A high-quality chef's knife is a staple in any chef's kitchen. What’s unique about this knife is the variety of ways to utilize it. You can use it in a circular, rocking, or chopping motion, which offers chefs a vast scope of usage for the chef's knife

This knife is heavy with a strong blade and fine edge. Many chefs can rely on this knife to get the job done. 

Cleaver Knife 

The cleaver knife stands out amongst the rest due to its wide rectangular shape. Equipped with a solid handle, most people use this razor-sharp piece of metal for butchering large animals. 

While you can use it for many cooking tasks, it’s popular among butchers and meat markets. It cuts effortlessly through large meats, soft bones, and tough root vegetables. 

What Do Different Knives Do? 

It’s crucial to remember that picking the right knife has its benefits. Depending on the usage, different knives offer less wrist tension during use, which can be helpful for those who have arthritis or are constantly in the kitchen. 

Whichever knife you prefer, remember that it’s never a bad thing to be the proud owner of all of these versatile cooking tools. In the end, the choice is yours. 

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