Why the Dynasty Series Are Our Sharpest Knives

Why the Dynasty Series Are Our Sharpest Knives

What’s not to love about the Dynasty Series? It has become an all-time favorite among customers, and there are several reasons why. The series combines a mixture of strength, durability and expert craftsmanship to make a set that’s cutting edge and a formidable contender.

Let’s find out why these knives stand out among the competition and how they have become some of the sharpest tools around.

Why Use the Dynasty Series

One of the main reasons to purchase the Dynasty Series is the fact that it’s forged with San Mai Steel. The forging process works by using ancient techniques of combining steel and blending it with modern materials (this method has originated in 1300 A.D!!!). The material the metalsmith would use combines optimal strength and properties.

Another vital component is the sharpening of the knife, which helps showcase the harder steel, makes for a razor edge, and helps the softer sheets resist breaking. The durability adds to the overall strength of the knife’s structure.

How the Forging Takes Place

A professional forges the knives by utilizing solid steel and sandwiching it between two softer sheets of the same metal. The metalsmith will then decide how to layer the steel before bonding them together in an intricate process. The solid steel allows for a sharp cut, while the softer sheets lend flexibility.

To get a top-quality San Mai Steel, a triple normalization cycle at 80 degrees Celsius and cool air works well. Following the triple cycle, the steel gets hardened through a process of quenching oil preheated to 40 degrees Celsius.

During the etching process, the smith removes all the decarburized material to rid the blade of any patches. To remove this material, the smith grinds it from the blade and cleans out fingerprints and foreign material.

The smith carefully abrades and etches the blade in ferric chloride to achieve the best depth and finish. The smith then neutralizes the blade in a bicarbonate soda mixture before cleaning it in hot water. The temperature affects the iron compound used in the blade, which means the etching process may be faster during the summertime than in the winter period.

Why the Dynasty Series Is a Cut Above the Rest

The Dynasty Series is a work of culinary art that provides for optimal use through modern technology. Not only will customers get sharp and reliable slicing, but they’ll have a set that will be long-lasting and durable.

What also makes this knife a great contender is the stainless steel used, which has a core thickness of about a third of an inch — the ideal thickness for forged knives. The martensitic stainless steel is allied for resistance and a polished look that adds to its flair.

So what are you waiting for? Become a true Master of your kitchen with our sharpest knives ever. Discover the Dynasty Series here

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