Best Knife Gift Set for Father's Day

Best Knife Gift Set for Father's Day


What's the best gift to give a dad on Father’s Day? Ravishing flower bouquets are for mothers but you can never go wrong with a gift of sharp knives set on Father’s Day. 

A pocket knife is just one out of a whopping number of special knives you can give a dad on Father’s Day. 

Are there other knives that will suit the Father’s Day occasion? 

Getting a suitable knife set for Father’s Day may pose a challenging task for people. Besides, a good knife set on his day would show any father the level of respect and love you have for him.

Be it a chef’s knife or carving knife you’d hardly go wrong with a set of sharp knives. Hence, let’s quickly look into the best knife gift set for Father’s Day.

How to Choose the Best Knife Gift Set

Every knife has a specific purpose which it serves. Thus, it would look awkward to try boning with a statuette knife as it would only come in handy for carving slices of flesh.

But does this mean you should get your dad all the knife sets?

Of course not! Instead, you should get the knife sets that best suits his needs. If your dad is a hunter that dreads cooking his game by himself, then you should consider getting him a Hanta instead.

Besides, you may go for knives that are excellent multitaskers that may stand in for various purposes. But most importantly, get knife sets with specific uses that match your dad’s hobby, occupation, or adventures.

While you may have figured out your picks for father’s day knife sets, here are my two cents on the best knife gift set for father’s day.

 Best Knife Gift Set for Father's Day

Nothing beats a personalized gift from children or mother to the father on his day. Amidst the litany of items leaving the counters at the mall as gifts, only a few would weigh as much as a knife gift set.

Affordable as ever and able to bring smiles on the face of every dad, here are some of the best knife gift sets for Father’s Day.

1.     Chef’s Knife:

Outrightly the most wanted, used and bought knife all over the world. It’s the best gift for a dad who loves the chopping and slicing activities of the kitchen counter. For specifics, check out this beauty below.

ONYX special edition Chef's knife. Beef up your dad’s cooking arsenal with this efficient chef’s knife. Forged with the expertise of 20 years’ experience the knife is one of the best Father’s Day knife set available on TCG.

Moreover, it comes with a blade length of about 20 cm which suits on your cutting needs. With a stainless super steel body and ergonomic handle, it fits everything a man should have in his collection and won’t it be nice if you gifted him on his day?

Key Features
  • Seamless natural ebony wooden tang
  • Extremely lightweight at 285g

2.    Fillet Knife

With a flexible blade and a suitable handle, fillet knives are essential in a man’s collection. All men occasionally turn artful meat surgeons and none should be left with a blunt scalpel. Here’s a good one

Bushcraft Fillet knife

What would bring a better smile to a father’s face than the bushcraft fillet knife. Sleek, sharp and perfectly shaped, it is one of the best knives to have for a good outdoor function. With this blade, you are sure to slice through all your seafood and meat loves with adventurous expertise.

The knife comes with a ravishingly shaped ergonomic wooden handle to enhance absolute grip. Thus, you can now glean out all flesh from even the trickiest skeletons. A firm and comfortable grip enhances a precise and excellent cut through. Hence, this feature helps you achieve utmost accuracy in all your cuts.

Moreover, the blade is razor sharp and long enough to whack through the densest sea and meat foods with untold precision. More so, it comes with a premium quality reinforced leather sheath. This sheath ensures yours and the knife’s safety even during travels.


Key Features

  • Signature (The Cooking Guild) Steel bolster
  • Premium quality Stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic rose wood handle
  • 58 HRC blade hardness
  • TCG branded leather sheath included

3.    Utility Knife:

Show him how much you love and respect him by getting him this excellent multi-tasking tool. It may come in handy even in citrus peeling contest; bigger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef’s. Check out this perfect hunter’s companion.

Hanta Versatile Forged Precision knife (Hunter’s Knife)

If your dad loves hunting then this is the ultimate knife gift set for Father’s Day. Hanta Versatile Forged Precision knife features the adorable hunter style holster suitable for the great outdoors. Curved and razor-sharp this blade is the ideal tool for the hunting dad.

Besides, its not just a knife for outdoor activities as it is also a great addition to your kitchen collection. Its unique shape is complemented by its ergonomic handle. And you need not worry about your safety as it comes with a free hunter sheath.

Its rosewood handle gives you a comfortable grip to enable powerful slicing through the thickest skin. The high carbon steel blade is rugged and can withstand the most adverse hunting conditions.

Key Features

  •       Free leather sheath from TCG included
  •       High carbon steel blade
  •       Curved and extremely sharp blade 

Final Word

Getting a good knife set for Father’s Day may be difficult with so many knives out there. However, the best knife gift set for Father’s Day should be the one that serves its purpose best. Hence, I’ve gotten you a list to pick from as you put smiles on the face ever dad out there.

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