What’s in Our Master Blacksmith Bundle

What’s in Our Master Blacksmith Bundle

Whether a novice in the art of cooking or an expert, it’s important to support your talent and passions with tools of the highest quality. Cooking is multifaceted–no matter the difficulty of the dishes you’re making or the ingredients you’re using, you need an array of high-quality, dependable knives at your disposal.

That’s why you should consider our Master Blacksmith Bundle, as we’re long revered and know how to guide you in your cooking endeavors. Over 70,000 chefs swear by us and our products- our knives deliver the finest cuts and chops.

These knives are built to last a lifetime and have a unique design that makes every cut a perfect one. No recipe is too challenging for our knives!

Read on to check out the great value of our Master Blacksmith Bundle and look at letting us help you in the kitchen today.

The Basics

Our Master Blacksmith Bundle combines our two most beloved collections: our Hand Forged Set and Ultimate Bushcraft set. Together, these sets give you six knives with versatility and the capability to do every cooking task you need. With this set, you’ll never have to buy another knife again.

These knives are sharp and made of hard carbon steel, making them durable and elegant, with precise, clean cuts every time. At no additional cost, you’ll also receive a leather sheath to protect each knife while traveling or when not in use.

There is a lifetime warranty on our handmade knives. These are premium quality and are sure to please, but if they don’t, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Meet the Knives

In our Master Blacksmith Bundle, you’ll meet six knives. From our Hand forged set comes the Kiri cleaver, our hand-forged 8” chef’s knife, and our hand-forged 5” Petty knife. The Ultimate Bushcraft set introduces the Serbian cleaver, the Hanta, and the Fillet knife.

The Kiri Cleaver

The Kiri cleaver is resilient and perfect for cutting through the toughest cuts of meat. Trust it to help you chop through thick meat, soft bone, and root vegetables repeatedly without hesitation. No recipe is too tricky for the Kiri cleaver to slice through successfully!

Double its use by using it to tenderize, and triple it by smashing your extra add-ins, like garlic, ginger, and more. The Kiri cleaver is one knife that carries many capabilities.

Hand-Forged 8” Chef’s Knife

We take pride in the versatility of our 8” chef’s knife. This knife will be the top one in your rotation, no matter the meal.

This knife is tough, with capabilities leaving it flexible for chopping, dicing, rocking, rolling, grinding, etc. With the ease of cutting anything and everything, you’ll fall in love with this knife and the handsome cuts it makes.

Hand-Forged 5” Petty Knife

We created the hand-forged 5” petty knife with those small ingredients in mind. Cut and peel your smaller fruits and vegetables by hand with this petty knife.

Get rid of your small peelers and lean on this; it doesn’t take up too much space in your drawer and is sharp and strong to get the job done.

Use it again and again with success every time.

Serbian Cleaver

Our Serbian cleaver is the first knife from our Ultimate Bushcraft, a collection dedicated to letting your craft travel beyond the kitchen to the outdoors. Camp, hunt, and fix up amazing dinners at home or away with our Ultimate Bushcraft collection.

The Serbian is for your thicker meats, so you can easily prepare any hunting game by your campsite fire. Caribou, bison, and other meats are like butter under the precision of the Serbian.

Impress your whole cabin and campground by flawlessly preparing your meat. Cut and tenderize your meat with this one knife, and add some delectable vegetable sides–the Serbian can chop through it all!

The Hanta

The Hanta knife is unique with its special curved blade, handy for those small, harder-to-reach spots. “Hanta” is the Japanese word for “the hunter” and is ideal for helping you prepare your meals outdoors. Catch and hunt your game with the Hanta, and then use it to dish a delicious dinner.

The Hanta knife is versatile as it can be used easily in the kitchen or the wilderness during your hunting trip.

The Fillet Knife

The Fillet knife is a knife you can’t live without if your home is full of seafood lovers. Prepare any type of fish or shellfish-- shrimp, crab, tilapia, salmon-- with this fillet knife, and produce thin, tasty slices for your dinner table. The cut is easy and will be sure to satisfy every palette.

If seafood isn’t your favorite, you can additionally prepare meat, fruits, vegetables, garlic, and tomatoes. Anything you want a thin slice on, the fillet knife will deliver!

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