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Understanding the Knife Steels

Selecting the appropriate steel for a knife is essential to create a blade that aligns with particular needs. Enthusiasts and craftsmen typically evaluate steel based on five main characteristics. We'll explore these attributes to understand their importance in knife making.

The Five Essential Characteristics of Knife Steel


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1. Carbon Content Essentials

A key feature of knife steel is its carbon content, which varies among carbon steels. This component is critical as it impacts the blade's hardness and its ability to maintain a sharp edge. Knives with elevated carbon levels, exemplified by Cooking Guild's knives such as Grizzly Series and Bushcraft Series, are renowned for their exceptional resistance to wear.

2. Corrosion Resistance Importance

The longevity of a knife significantly depends on its ability to resist corrosion, making corrosion-resistant steel a highly valued attribute. Specific alloys, like the X70Cr17MoV Stainless Steel found in Cooking Guild's Nomad Series, are engineered for high corrosion resistance, vital for maintaining the blade's condition, particularly in harsh conditions. This trait is particularly emphasized in survival knives designed for the outdoors.

3. Edge Retention Significance

A knife's performance is largely judged by its edge retention, with steel components such as vanadium carbides playing a pivotal role. The renowned premium Japanese steel stands out for its edge-holding capabilities, ensuring the blade remains sharp for longer periods.

4. Wear Resistance Necessity

For knives facing intense usage, wear resistance is indispensable. Types of tool steels, including the American forged 154CM super steel and the high-carbon variants like German steel and X70Cr17Mov Stainless Steel, are celebrated for their ability to resist wear. This feature extends the knife’s functional life, especially when used with abrasive materials.

5. Toughness versus Edge Retention

Balancing toughness with edge retention is essential for knife durability and performance. Steels like the X70Cr17Mov Stainless Steel are notable for providing both resilience and sustained edge sharpness, vital for knives exposed to impact or stress.

Delving into knife-specific terminology and the composition of steel reveals the importance of alloying elements. Chromium, for instance, enhances corrosion resistance, while vanadium increases hardness, playing pivotal roles in defining a steel’s attributes.

Comparison of Knife Steel Qualities

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Compiling a detailed chart comparing knife steels can serve as an essential tool for enthusiasts eager to choose the most suitable steel for their blades. We will explore an in-depth comparison.

Types of Steel and Resistance to Wear

Notable for their excellent resistance to wear, materials like Stainless steel, German, American, CPM M4, and CPM S110V stand out for activities requiring repetitive slicing and wear.

VG10 steel is notable for its resistance to corrosion and maintains satisfactory wear resistance, serving well in diverse uses.

Resistance to Corrosion and Retention of Edge

Blades made from stainless steel, including VG10, are distinguished by their resistance to corrosion, ensuring the blade's integrity against environmental elements.

Steels from Japan and Germany, along with CPM S110V and CPM S90V, are praised for their exceptional edge retention, perfect for those needing long-lasting sharpness.

Toughness and Endurance

In conditions requiring heavy use or potential for impact, Swedish steel and CPM 3V are distinguished by their significant toughness, ensuring longevity under tough conditions.

D2 steel, being an alloy, presents a well-rounded profile with adequate wear resistance, toughness, and resistance to corrosion, suitable for various purposes.

Hardness and Sharpening Ease

Japanese steel is known for its significant hardness, aiding in edge retention and resilience, but may need more effort for sharpening.

154CM offers a compromise, providing good wear resistance while being easier to sharpen, ideal for those requiring minimal sharpening effort.

Elements of Alloying and Steel Composition

In steels like CPM S110V, the presence of vanadium carbides boosts wear resistance, highlighting the significance of alloy elements in steel makeup.

D2 steel, as an alloy, incorporates a variety of elements to achieve a balanced performance, underlining the importance of composition for overall steel performance.

Powdered Metallurgy (PM) Steels

PM steels like CPM S30V and CPM S110V are known for their fine-grained structure from advanced production processes, resulting in superior wear resistance, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Targeted Applications

Steels such as CPM S30V are optimal for kitchen knives, offering a balance of corrosion resistance and edge maintenance for cooking activities.

For outdoor activities, steels like CPM 3V and stainless steel are preferred for hunting knives, highlighting toughness and endurance under rigorous conditions.

Custom and High-End Selections

D2 steel remains a favorite for custom knife enthusiasts due to its adaptability and performance.

For those prioritizing the highest quality and prepared to invest in superior options, premium steels like CPM S110V are recommended.

Guide to Selecting the Ideal Steel for Your Knife

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Crafting a chart for comparing knife steels is an invaluable tool for enthusiasts aiming to make well-informed choices regarding the optimal steel for their knives. Let's explore an in-depth comparison.

Navigating the maze to find the optimal steel for your knife can seem overwhelming, but don't worry! Think of it as selecting the ideal partner for your kitchen exploits or wilderness ventures. We'll simplify the process, step by step.

Identify Your Needs

Like superheroes equipped with distinct abilities, knives are designed with varied styles to serve different functions. Whether you're a culinary expert, an outdoor survival enthusiast, or seeking a multipurpose tool, defining your requirements is the first step in the knife steel journey.

Understand the Types of Steel

The secret to a knife's efficiency lies in its steel composition. Acquaint yourself with different steel types, including carbon varieties like German steel, stainless steels, corrosion-resistant options such as CPM S35VN, and wear-resistant alternatives like American steel and CPM 10V. Each possesses unique characteristics, akin to understanding your superhero squad's diverse strengths.

Assess Corrosion Resistance

If your knife is likely to encounter wet conditions or humidity, prioritize corrosion resistance—your blade's superhero ability. Opt for steels such as CPM S35VN and stainless steel, which stand up against corrosion, ensuring your knife remains pristine even in demanding situations.

Evaluate Edge Retention

Envision a knife that maintains its sharpness through various challenges—this is the benefit of superior edge retention. Steels such as Japanese steel and CPM S110V are champions in maintaining sharpness, guaranteeing prolonged peak performance after many uses.

Consider Wear Resistance

For knives facing rigorous materials or extensive use, wear resistance is crucial. Opt for durable steels like stainless steel and German steel, renowned for their ability to withstand wear, ensuring your knife's enduring quality and performance.

Find the Right Balance: Toughness and Edge Retention

A quality knife, much like a balanced superhero, requires a mix of toughness and edge retention. Steels such as Japanese steel and American steel offer this equilibrium, ensuring your knife can take on various tasks while maintaining its sharpness.

Delve into Alloying Elements

Explore the specifics of alloying elements like chromium and vanadium, which enhance your knife's capabilities. Chromium boosts corrosion resistance, while vanadium increases hardness. Understanding these elements is akin to unlocking your knife steel's hidden abilities.

Learn About Knife Metallurgy

Venture into metallurgy, the process that transforms steel into a blade with distinct traits. This knowledge parallels learning your superhero's origin story, offering insights into your knife's development and capabilities.

Get Acquainted with Steel Composition

Gain knowledge about different steels' compositions, such as CPM 9V, CPM 20CV, or CPM S30V, each with distinct attributes contributing to their performance. This is similar to understanding a superhero's background, providing context to their powers and origins.

Understand Heat Treatments

Similar to superheroes honing their skills, knife steels undergo heat treatments to maximize their potential. Grasping the heat treatment process is like comprehending your knife's preparation for action, ensuring peak performance when required.

Consider Blade Geometry

The design of your knife's edge is also significant. Optimal edge geometry ensures your knife cuts efficiently, enabling peak performance in culinary or outdoor settings.

Familiarize Yourself with Rockwell Hardness

Rockwell hardness gauges your knife's strength or toughness, akin to a superhero's endurance. Comprehending this measure helps ensure your knife is appropriate for its intended use.

Reflect on Your Maintenance Routine

Like superheroes needing upkeep, your knives demand maintenance. Contemplate your willingness to maintain them, as some steels with exceptional edge retention might need more care to remain in prime condition.

Explore Various Knife Brands and Types

Much like every superhero has their distinctive outfit and abilities, different knife brands and models are characterized by their unique features.

Delve into renowned brands such as Cooking Guild and peruse their wide array of knives to find the one that resonates with your requirements and preferences.

Seek Guidance from Knife Experts

Similarly to how superheroes often rely on their mentors for wisdom, you can do the same when it comes to knives. Reach out to knife enthusiasts, seasoned professionals, or the knowledgeable "knife steel nerds." Their insights can act as the sagacious counsel of a superhero mentor, aiding you in selecting the optimal steel.

Best Cooking Guild Knife Steels

Nomad Series

Nomad Series 8" Chef Knife

The Nomad Knife series stands out with its unique craftsmanship and design, embodying the strength and majesty of mountain ranges. Each knife is meticulously hand-forged in fire, utilizing high-quality X70Cr17MoV stainless steel that ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear. The blades are not only functional but also a work of art, engraved with intricate designs that mimic the silhouette of a mountain range, adding an element of nature-inspired beauty.


  • Made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Unique mountain range design on the blade enhances aesthetic appeal.
  • Strong, stable, and perfectly balanced for comfortable and efficient use.
  • Handles feature a unique fusion of mountain burl wood and deep sea blue epoxy resin.
  • Optimally sized for an effective and comfortable user experience.


  • Requires diligent maintenance to maintain the blade's appearance and functionality.

Nomad Series Fillet Knife

The Nomad Series Fillet Knife brings the serenity and strength of nature right into your kitchen. Crafted for precision in filleting fish, this knife boasts a razor-sharp blade made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel, adorned with a mountain range design. The ergonomic design ensures a firm and comfortable grip on the handle made from mountain burl wood fused with deep sea blue epoxy resin. This knife is not just a tool but a tribute to the beauty of the natural world, designed to glide smoothly along the contours of chicken, fish, or steak, providing a precise fillet every time.


  • Made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Engraved mountain range design adds unique aesthetic appeal.
  • Ergonomic handle allows for a firm and comfortable grip.
  • Long blade length ideal for precise filleting tasks.
  • Superior rust resistance enhances longevity.


  • May be too specialized for those not frequently filleting fish or meats.
  • The unique handle material may require specific care to 

Nomad Series 12" Slicer

The Nomad Series Long Slicing Knife is designed for the adventurous culinary enthusiast, crafted from durable X70Cr17MoV stainless steel for corrosion and rust resistance. This knife features a unique Mountain Burl wood handle fused with deep sea blue epoxy resin, offering a standout design inspired by nature. The long, narrow 30.4 cm blade is ideal for making long, sweeping strokes, perfect for slicing through large cuts of meat such as poultry, ham, and brisket with ease. A valuable tool for both experienced chefs and casual cooks, this knife is a distinctive addition to any kitchen collection.


  • Durable X70Cr17MoV stainless steel blade resists corrosion and rust.
  • Unique Mountain Burl wood handle with deep sea blue epoxy resin for a standout look.
  • Long, narrow blade is perfect for slicing through large cuts of meat.
  • Adds a unique and adventurous touch to the kitchen collection.


  • The long blade may be cumbersome for some users or for smaller tasks.
  • Special care may be required to maintain the handle’s appearance and the blade’s sharpness.

Nomad Series Petty Knife

The Nomad Series Petty Knife stands out as a compact and versatile kitchen essential, perfect for tasks like peeling, slicing, dicing, and shaping. Its blade is crafted from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion and rust. Additionally, the knife boasts a unique mountain range engraving, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The handle combines mountain burl wood with deep sea blue epoxy resin, reflecting the beauty of nature while offering comfort and precision in cutting. This knife is not only a practical tool but also a beautiful addition to any kitchen.


  • Compact and multi-purpose, suitable for a variety of kitchen tasks.
  • Made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel for durability and resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • Sleek mountain range engraving enhances aesthetic appeal.
  • Handle made from mountain burl wood and deep sea blue epoxy resin for comfort and style.
  • Designed for precision and control in cutting.


  • Higher price point due to premium materials and design.
  • Requires careful maintenance to preserve appearance and sharpness.
  • May be considered small for those accustomed to larger knives.

 Nomad Series Cleaver



  • Made from X70Cr17MoV stainless steel for excellent edge retention, corrosion, and rust resistance.
  • Burl wood and deep sea epoxy handles offer an attractive appearance and comfortable, water-resistant grip.
  • Unique mountain range design on the blade reflects a love for the outdoors, adding aesthetic value.
  • Precision-engineered cleaver design is ideal for heavy chopping as well as fine mincing, dicing, and slicing.
  • Balanced and weighted design ensures ease of use and efficiency in the kitchen.


  • Premium materials and design may result in a higher cost compared to standard kitchen knives.
  • Specific maintenance required to preserve the unique materials and craftsmanship of the blade and handle.

Dynasty Series

Dynasty Series Serbian Cleaver

The Dynasty Collection knives are forged using traditional Japanese techniques similar to those used for samurai swords, featuring a blend of high carbon AUS-10 steel and softer stainless steel for a balanced, durable, and corrosion-resistant blade. The collection emphasizes the san mai technique, wrapping a hard steel core with softer steel for extra support while retaining the ease of sharpening. The Dynasty Cleaver stands out with its reinforced, balanced, and razor-sharp blade, combined with a stylish and comfortable rosewood handle.


  • Uses traditional Japanese forging techniques for superior quality.
  • San mai technique provides a blend of hardness and corrosion resistance.
  • High carbon AUS-10 steel ensures long-lasting sharpness.
  • The cleaver's balanced weight aids in easy, efficient cutting.
  • Sleek rosewood handle adds elegance and grip comfort.


  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship may lead to a higher cost.
  • Requires careful maintenance to preserve the blade's sharpness and appearance.

Dynasty Series 8" Chef Knife

Experience the pinnacle of culinary artistry with the Dynasty Collection. Each knife is a testament to traditional Japanese forging techniques, resulting in a blade that is not only razor-sharp but also resistant to rust, ensuring longevity. The Dynasty Chef Knife, a standout in this collection, is designed for both durability and versatility, making it the quintessential tool for any culinary enthusiast looking to elevate their cooking experience.


  • Crafted using traditional Japanese techniques for exceptional sharpness and durability.
  • Made from San mai AUS-10 core with 430 stainless steel for rust resistance and longevity.
  • The Dynasty Chef Knife offers great versatility and durability, making it suitable for various kitchen tasks.
  • Features a carbonised rosewood handle with Full Tang for improved strength and ergonomics.
  • The blade's dimensions are optimized for precision cutting and ease of use.


  • The high-quality materials and craftsmanship may make this knife more expensive than others.
  • The traditional Japanese techniques used may result in a blade that is too specialized for some users' preferences.
  • The carbonised rosewood handle, while durable, may require special care to maintain its condition.

Dynasty Series 12" Slicer

The Dynasty Slicer combines traditional Japanese blade-making techniques with modern materials for a superior slicing experience. Utilizing the san mai method, a hard AUS-10 high carbon stainless steel core is clad with layers of softer 430 stainless steel, offering unmatched sharpness and durability. The full-tang handle made from carbonized rosewood not only adds to the knife's aesthetic but ensures balance and control. This slicing knife is designed to provide a lifetime of screamingly sharp, rust-resistant performance for all your culinary needs.


  • Uses traditional Japanese san mai technique for enhanced blade strength and durability.
  • Features AUS-10 high carbon stainless steel for exceptional sharpness and edge retention.
  • Clad with softer stainless steel for flexibility and rust resistance.
  • Carbonized rosewood handle for beauty, durability, and comfortable grip.
  • Full-tang construction ensures balance and control.


  • Traditional techniques and high-quality materials may lead to limited availability.

Bushcraft Series

Rustic Hand Forged Serbian Cleaver

The Bushcraft Series offers an exceptional collection of outdoor cooking knives, featuring durable and sharp 1095 High carbon Damascus steel blades, full tang construction for enhanced strength, and beautifully crafted rosewood handles. This series is designed for superior performance, comfort, and style, making it a reliable companion for all your outdoor culinary adventures.


  • The 1095 High carbon Damascus steel blades ensure superior edge retention and ease of sharpening.
  • Full tang design provides strength, durability, better balance, and control.
  • Rosewood handles offer durability, comfort, and natural decay resistance.
  • The series has a proven track record with over 29,100+ knives sold.
  • The Serbian Cleaver's perfect balance between hardness and flexibility makes it an ultimate cooking tool.


  • Full tang and high-quality materials may add weight, which could be cumbersome for some users.
  • Specific care required for rosewood handles to maintain their condition.

Hanta Hand Forged Precision Knife

The Hanta knife, named after the Japanese term for hunter, is designed for versatility, doubling as an effective kitchen tool and an outdoor hunting companion. This knife features a curved shape and a razor-sharp edge, suitable for various cutting tasks. The hunter-style holster included enhances its utility and safety. Crafted from 1095 high carbon steel, the Hanta knife promises durability and a lasting edge, ideal for both culinary and outdoor activities.


  • Versatile design suitable for kitchen and outdoor use.
  • Comes with a hunter-style holster for convenience and safety.
  • Made from 1095 high carbon steel for durability and edge retention.
  • Features a curved shape and razor-sharp edge for efficient cutting.
  • Hardness of 57-59 HRC ensures the knife remains sharp over time.


  • High demand may lead to limited availability.
  • The specific shape may not be suitable for all kitchen tasks.
  • Hardness might make the blade difficult to sharpen without proper tools.
  • The knife's size and design might not be ideal for all users, especially those unfamiliar with hunter-style knives.

Hand Forged Series

Hand Forged Kiri Cleaver

The Hand Forged Kiri Cleaver is a unique fusion of Serbian and Japanese craftsmanship, offering the best of both worlds with its 2-in-1 blade design. This cleaver combines the balanced weight and strength of a Serbian chef’s knife with the sharp versatility of a Japanese Kiritsuke. It is crafted from 1095 high carbon steel, ensuring a robust and durable blade suitable for a variety of tasks, from precise sashimi cuts to handling tough materials.


  • Combines Serbian strength with Japanese precision for a versatile cutting experience.
  • Made from 1095 high carbon steel for durability and edge retention.
  • Unique shape allows for sashimi-level precision cutting.
  • Perfectly balanced for ease of use and efficiency in cutting.
  • Suitable for a wide range of tasks, from delicate slicing to heavy chopping.


  • The unique combination might come with a higher price tag due to its craftsmanship.
  • Requires careful handling and storage due to its sharpness and high-quality materials.

Hand Forged 5" Petty Knife

The Hand Forged 5” Petty Knife is a highly anticipated addition to any kitchen arsenal, perfect for those who demand precision and strength in their culinary tools. This compact, multi-purpose blade is ideal for peeling, slicing, and shaping a variety of foods. Crafted from German high carbon stainless steel, it promises durability and sharpness, making it suitable for both professional chefs and culinary novices.


  • Made from German high carbon stainless steel for enhanced durability and sharpness.
  • Compact and multi-purpose, ideal for peeling, slicing, and shaping.
  • Hand-forged to combine strength and precision with comfortable usability.
  • Perfect addition to any kitchen, catering to both professionals and beginners.


  • The compact size might not be suitable for larger hands or bigger cutting tasks.
  • As a highly requested item, it may be on the pricier side due to demand and craftsmanship.

Onyx II Series

ONYX II Damascus Steel 8" Chef Knife

The ONYX set features knives forged from high carbon Damascus steel with a full tang polished ebony wood handle, detailed with a unique mosaic pin. These knives represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship, embodying a year's worth of development to achieve the perfect blend of sharpness, balance, and beauty. Each knife comes with an exclusive ONYX-branded sheath and premium custom packaging, designed to offer a complete and luxurious experience. The blade is made from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel with a core of Hitachi SLD mold tooling steel, ensuring exceptional hardness and cutting performance.


  • Made from high carbon Damascus steel for superior sharpness and durability.
  • Full tang polished ebony wood handle provides a strong, comfortable grip.
  • Includes an exclusive ONYX branded sheath and premium custom packaging.
  • Features a detailed mosaic pin adding to the knife's aesthetic value.
  • Blade hardness of 62-63 HRC ensures long-lasting edge retention.


  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship likely result in a higher price.
  • Premium features and packaging could contribute to a higher overall cost.

Onyx II Damascus Steel Bunka


The Onyx II Series is the upgraded version of the beloved Onyx collection, blending elegance with performance for a superior culinary experience. It features a transition from 1095 high carbon steel to premium Japanese Damascus steel with an SLD Mold Tooling Steel core, ensuring unmatched blade hardness and precision. The series introduces a modern Black G10 handle for improved ergonomics and a stylish full art Damascus sheath, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Complete with luxurious full art packaging, the Onyx II Series is designed to elevate both the cooking and unboxing experience, making it an ideal choice for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • Upgraded to Japanese Damascus steel with SLD Mold Tooling Steel core for enhanced precision and durability.
  • Blade hardness of 62-63HRC ensures long-lasting sharpness and performance.
  • Modern Black G10 handle provides an ergonomic and comfortable grip.
  • Includes a striking full art Damascus sheath, adding a touch of elegance and protection.
  • Luxurious packaging makes it an excellent gift option or a special treat for oneself.


  • The sophisticated design and materials might not be necessary for casual or infrequent cooks.
  • The weight and balance may differ from traditional knives, requiring adaptation.
  • Limited edition nature may affect availability and accessibility for all interested buyers.

Grizzly Series

5" Grizzly Petty | Forged Japanese San Mai Steel

Introducing the Grizzly Series knife set, the ultimate tool for BBQ enthusiasts, created with the expertise of renowned pitmaster Kevin Bludso. Each knife is crafted using the Japanese San Mai method for unmatched sharpness and precision, designed to last for generations. With full tang construction and a blend of tradition and innovation, this collection is essential for elevating your grilling experience.


  • Designed with input from award-winning BBQ chef Kevin Bludso, ensuring professional quality.
  • Crafted using the Japanese San Mai method for unparalleled sharpness and durability.
  • Full tang structure guarantees long-lasting use and stability.
  • Ideal for BBQ enthusiasts looking to enhance their grilling experience.
  • Features a beautiful and durable rosewood handle with a signature TCG Metal Bolster.


  • High-end craftsmanship and materials might make the set expensive.
  • The specialized design may not be as versatile for non-BBQ cooking tasks.

12" Grizzly Scimitar | Forged Japanese San-Mai Steel

The Grizzly Series knife set is designed with BBQ enthusiasts in mind, offering unmatched sturdiness and the expertise of James Beard Award-winning BBQ chef Kevin Bludso. Crafted using the Japanese San Mai method, each knife promises unparalleled sharpness and precision. The full tang structure ensures longevity, making these knives a valuable addition to any grilling setup.


  • Designed with the expertise of renowned BBQ chef Kevin Bludso.
  • Crafted using the Japanese San Mai method for unparalleled sharpness.
  • Full tang structure for enhanced durability and longevity.
  • Ideal for BBQ enthusiasts with its robust design and precision.


  • Requires specific care and maintenance due to the San Mai construction.
  • Specialized design may limit its utility beyond BBQ and grilling tasks.

Understanding knife steels is crucial for both culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike. The type of steel used in a knife can greatly influence its performance, durability, and maintenance requirements. By considering factors such as hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance, users can select a knife that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether it's the traditional toughness of carbon steel or the modern resilience of stainless steel alloys, each material offers unique advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, a deeper appreciation and knowledge of knife steels can enhance one's culinary experience, leading to more precise cuts, longer-lasting sharpness, and overall satisfaction in the kitchen.

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