A Knife For Every Type Of Dad This Father's Day

A Knife For Every Type Of Dad This Father's Day

Not all dads that like to cook are the same; some love fish, some love grilling, and some love the simplicity of a diced onion. To find the perfect knife for every type of dad, check out these five marvelous options. 

For The Fisherman 

For the dad that loves the taste of the ocean, you can’t go wrong with this impeccably crafted Bushcraft Fillet Knife. The long, razor-sharp blade makes cleaning and filleting even the largest fish a breeze. Dads that love to fish and reap the tasty rewards of their work will love this well-crafted tool. If you know a dad that loves the thrill of reeling in a big catch and then slicing it up to cook in the great outdoors, they’ll love this Bushcraft knife.

For The Head of The Table 

Everyone knows one of those dads that can’t wait to start carving the turkey on Thanksgiving or slicing the ham on Easter. But this mission will be much better when they have the ultimate tool for this task: the Dynasty Series 12” Slicer. With this knife, no piece of meat is safe from the dad that loves to carve on special occasions. 

For For BBQ Dad

Made with 1095 high carbon Damascus steel with a hammered finish, the ONYX Special Edition Serbian Cleaver is no joke. This impressive knife is ideal for demolishing cuts of meat that a regular knife simply can’t handle. This knife is excellent for the dad that loves to barbecue, grill, and smoke giant pieces of meat. No bone is too hard, and no meat is too thick for this cleaver.

For The Vegetarian Dad

Not all dads are obsessed with meat, so for the vegetarian dad or the fresh farmer, this petty knife is perfect. The Dynasty Series Petty Knife is razor-sharp with excellent grip. Slicing up vegetables and herbs with precision is a breeze, putting all other knives to shame. Dads that care about every aspect will relish in the perfect cuts this knife delivers.

For The Home Chef

Sometimes dads are a jack of all trades in the kitchen and they LOVE to get their hands dirty in the kitchen. For these dads, the Nomad Chef Knife is the perfect tool. The engineers behind this genius design took almost a year to ensure the balance between sharpness and durability. Whether the cut in question is meat, fish, vegetables, or fruit, this knife performs impeccably. 

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