Fire, Food, and Fun: The Exciting Perks of Outdoor Cooking

Fire, Food, and Fun: The Exciting Perks of Outdoor Cooking

 Fire, Food, and Fun: The Exciting Perks of Outdoor Cooking

The cooking experience is never the same when done outside. The excitement that comes with whipping sweet smelling recipes in a place with no external walls is so satisfying.

Thus, 75% of Americans would kill for the flavor, flame, and freshness that comes with outdoor cooking.

However, it hasn’t always been this way. A while ago, the kitchen enclosure was the only place we could display our culinary expertise.

Fortunately, the kitchen underwent series of upgrade as the times rolled by because no other room could express our era like the cook place.

While we won’t leave a cake in the open sun, many have grown tired of the nostalgic feeling that comes with an enclosed kitchen. Who wouldn’t trade the confinement of an indoor cooking space for the limitless view of nature’s tranquility as your smell rises to the sky?

As we dig into the perks of outdoor cooking, we’ll be looking at the sheer joy it brings along. We’d also highlight the excellence of our bush craft bundle as it slices and cuts beneath the skies amazing stare.  

What is Outdoor Cooking?

As we grew tired of cooking in a defined kitchen space, men sought after a less traditional setting for making meals.  Thus, we moved the cooking to a place without roofs and walls but with enough breeze and view.

Outdoor cooking, which is also known as Backyard cooking, basically entails making meals outside the defined in-house cooking area.

Here’s the thing

You don’t need to move your fridge under the sun to make an amazing outdoor kitchen. Backyard cooking space could be your little corner with your gas grill, our bushcraft bundle and sizzle on the grates.

Outdoor cooking may take different forms. It may range from a simple cooking exercise in a camping setting to gourmet meals made on gas grills and propane stoves. Let’s look at three forms of outdoor cooking that summarizes the practice.

Backyard Grilling

This is the most popular form of outdoor cooking in America. All you need is any grilling machine and a little corner at your backyard.

Barbecuing is another name for backyard grilling and it’s even more popular than the former. Here in the states we love all things grilled and smoked. More so, the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, (HPBA) says that 63% of Americans enjoy Barbecuing all year round.

The interesting thing about barbecuing is this:

There are many ways you could get that juice dripping on the coals. That’s one fun thing about outdoor cooking in general, it’s a forgiving atmosphere with diverse means to perfection. Hence, you don’t need to have the skills of a top chef to pull off an incredible barbecue session.

The bushcraft knife bundle would help you do half of the work while the remaining just falls into place. However, there are three main techniques for backyard grilling

Charbroil-Grilling (direct heat)

In this method, you heat food over direct heat on a ribbed surface with oil and butter sometimes. Tell me of a better way of sizzling on the grates, I’ll wait. The common heat sources for this type of barbecuing are wood, electricity, charcoal, and propane (natural gas).

Indirect Heat

This technique involves cooking by using low-level radiant heat at very low temperatures. You’d need to grill for much longer when using this method thanks to the 240oF max heat. Smoke cooking is also an integral part of this technique. The heat sources can be natural gas or charcoal.


Braising involves a combination of charbroiling’s dry heat and moist heat from a sauce-like mixture. There is no quick way to completion here as you’d have to cook at various speeds for the entire duration.

The cooking starts fast and slows down before picking speed again. This practice helps in enhancing the broth’s and meat flavor.

Camp Cooking

Sometimes, we just want to unwind in a location that’s a bit far from home. And this brings about another interesting aspect of outdoor cuisine – cooking at camps. The most important gear for this kind of cooking is your menu and equipment. You’ll be needing your whole supply to be as lightweight as possible hence the use of pans and aluminum foil wraps.

Notable sources of heat for camp cooking may vary from a portable stove you may take along or a camp fire. The latter method would depend on the camping area regulations, in any case, do well to properly put out the fire afterwards. Also endeavor to adhere to other camp cooking safety precautions.

Backyard Smoking

This is slowest form of outdoor cooking. But make no mistake, no other method enhances food flavor than smoking.

You could argue that grilling and barbecuing are anchored in the principle of cooking by smoking. More so, it gives off an irresistible invitation of smoke and aroma from the drippings on hot fire. It’s also the most interesting form of outdoor cooking.

Why do you think outdoor cooking is the current rave among average folks and top chefs? Here are some reasons for cooking outdoors.

Why Do People Love Outdoor Cooking?

Some of the most memorable experiences come at outdoor functions. It may be a picnic or fun trip or camping experience. Whichever it is, you can’t deny the joy that comes from the “outside” world.

Cooking Guild looks at reasons why the average American would prefer an outdoor kitchen to the traditional walled-up cooking space.

Health Benefits

Forget the nutrients that come from the actual meal, we have a lot more to gain from cooking outdoor Healthwise.

First, the well refined air that circulates the cooking environment outside does wonders to our system. Don’t get me wrong, our venting systems are top notch but would always pale in comparison to nature’s own breeze.  

Moreover, the mere sight of nature could be very soothing to the eye. Research has it that constant exposure to nature’s beam helps to correct nearsightedness. More so, cooking under the summer sun inundates your systems with enough vitamin D.

Furthermore, cooking outdoors helps to drip off excess calories contained in meat leaving only the health-boosting vitamins. Veggies also come good when grilled.

Better Flavor

According to a HBPA survey, people love grilling or outdoor cooking for the better flavor it adds. It is a proven fact that smoke gives the food an appetizing flavor which seems to be lacking when done indoors.

Some wood types used in stoking up the fire have taken credit for this superior flavor. The popular ones are oak, cherry, pecan, and guava. Thus, you won’t just be getting healthier recipes, they will also come with an amazing taste.

Cost Effective

You might not have noticed this, but outdoor cooking beats off some cash from your monthly bills. Cooking indoors would require a greater use of appliances like the air conditioner and range hood vent to enhance ventilation. All these lead to heavier electricity bills.

On the other hand, outdoor cooking engages elements of nature to whip up an even tastier meal. Thus, the use of wood for heat, sunlight, as well as the ever-cool outside breeze for calmer nerves.

A More Relaxing Exercise

Nothing relieves you of stress more than cooking outdoors among treasured company. Aside the therapeutic effects of nature’s unique view, the cheers from friends and family just gives you a certain kind of thrill.

It gives you an opportunity to join the conversation even when you’re with the pots; something a bit unfamiliar with indoor cooking. So, you’re not left out of the gossip and you are also having a great time with best outdoor cooking equipment.

What is the Best Outdoor Cooking Equipment?

Your best outdoor cooking equipment is the one that matches your purpose the most. While this may be relative, this write up may give you a glimpse of all you need. You may want to check out our bush craft cooking knives which is one of the most essential outdoor cooking equipment.

Final Word

There has always been a long-standing love affair between Americans and outdoor cooking. Most of them engage in it not just for the numerous benefits but for the joy that comes with it. After a long day, there could be no better escape from reality than your backyard and the flames that comes from there.

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