The One Gift Dad Will Actually Love This Christmas

The One Gift Dad Will Actually Love This Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, most people are thinking about what gifts to buy their loved ones. A gift that’s right for one person may not be right for someone else. For example, a signature scent may be right for mom but not suitable for dad. 

One great gift that dad will love is a functional and eye-catching knife set. However, the challenge is choosing the right set of knives. Lucky for you, we have a list of knives that can be a gift for dad this Christmas. Whether dad is an accomplished chef or learning new cooking methods, these knives are perfect.

5" Steak Knives 

Our 5" Steak Knives are the newest kid on the Cooking Guild chopping block and they have already been a fan favorite. If your dad is serious about his steak, then he needs the best tools for the job. 

With its razor sharp edge, these knives will make quick work of any steak, slicing through it like butter without crushing or tearing. The beautiful patterns on the blade will make sure any meal is an elegant affair and will be sure to take dad's steak nights to another level.

Dynasty Series Samurai Knife Set

Our Dynasty Series Samurai Knife Set contains our Dynasty Cleaver and Santoku knives that are essential for every kind of kitchen. The technique used to make these blades is similar to the one used in crafting samurai swords. The Samurai Knife Set will exceed what you expect of kitchen knives. 

The technique used to forge the Samurai Knife Set offers many benefits, including:

  • Extra support
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Ease of sharpening
  • Rust resistance

The knives in the Dynasty Series Samurai Knife Set are razor-sharp and perfect for the kitchen.

Hand Forged Kiri Cleaver

Our Hand Forged Kiri Cleaver is a masterful piece that is indispensable in the kitchen. It’s the ultimate knife, with the perfect weight and strength. The Kiri Cleaver is also quite sharp.

The knife can take on even the most formidable opponents. It can effortlessly slice through heavy vegetables with precision. It’s the perfect tool for removing tendons from bones. Dad can also use it for pounding, mincing, and dicing. 

Dynasty Slicer

The Dynasty Slicer is perfect for thinly slicing a variety of foods. These include raw and uncooked meat and soft foods. The knife has a long and narrow blade to help perform its functions. The narrowness lets users cut thin slices without crushing the fibers. 

The Dynasty Slicer is an excellent gift if dad wants to experiment with new dishes. In addition to slicing meat, it’s useful in preparing vegetables and salads. The knife is also great for slicing bread that has softer crusts.

Hand Forged Hanta

Hanta is the Japanese word for hunter. As the name suggests, the Hand Forged Hanta Knife is excellent for hunting. It’s also an essential tool for the kitchen. If dad likes the great outdoors and cooking, the Hand Forged Hanta will be the perfect gift. 

The knife has a distinctive shape and design and a very sharp blade. These features make it suitable for everyday use and hunting. 

Essential Blacksmith Bundle

The Essential Blacksmith Bundle contains the Bushcraft bundle and the Hand Forged series. These two come from our rustic series. The Blacksmith Bundle is a perfect present if dad enjoys the art of forging a knife. 

Knives in the Blacksmith Bundle consist of 1095 carbon steel. The sturdy material ensures that the blades will last longer, giving you value for money.

Pick the Right Christmas Gift for Dad

Christmas can be a fun but stressful time. You may have to make travel arrangements and get the right gift for everyone. We can help with the latter. The knives listed above can be a great gift for dad. They are both practical and unique.

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