Who Are the Cooking Guild Knives For

Who Are the Cooking Guild Knives For

The Cooking Guild is passionate about creating high-quality, innovative knives to craft the perfect meal. If you're someone who takes joy in creating a home-cooked meal with fresh produce for multiple people every day, you have something in common with us.

Love to Work With, and Handle, Quality Things

Not everyone is content with something they can buy off the shelf at a big box store. Some of us want to know that what we're working with is crafted with love and will last for years. A lot of thought is put into the right knife to buy. The Cooking Guild knives aren't just tools; they're a work of art forged to last. Quality steel and artisan craftsmanship mean a knife you'll be passionate about at home.

Butcher Your Own Meat, Fish, or Fowl

Cooking Guild knives are the perfect tool if you're an aspiring culinarian who breaks down meat, fish, or fowl in the house. Purchasing protein already packaged at the store just doesn't appeal to some of us. But to butcher yourself, you'll need a quality knife that won't break down from wear and tear. So be it cleaver, boning, or filet knife, we have what you need.

Don’t "Cook" So Much, but Fix Lots of Salads

Quality cooking knife ware isn't just limited to those among us who enjoy cooking protein. Are you a vegetarian that loves to fix salads? We've got you. Leafy green eaters need sharp knives just as much as the next person. After all, lettuce isn't the only thing to go into salads. You'll need a blade that can cut through carrots, radishes, celery, tomatoes, and more like they were butter. And you just won't get that kind of long-term quality from a generic store-bought knife.

Hate Doing Anything the Slow, Inefficient Way

Yeah, we get it, us too! When you're working with tools that are insufficient for the job, it's going to cost you time. And not only that, but those dull knives are more than just slow or less ideal for the task at hand. They can also be a safety hazard; you're more likely to cut yourself on a blade that isn't sharp enough.

Love Being in the Kitchen

So if you love being in the kitchen, and cooking is part of your way of life, put a little faith in us. Our solid sense of design, peerless craftsmanship, and sturdy, expertly balanced, and sharpened blades are every cook's dream.

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